China’s Growing Role in the Middle East and in Israel

Above video published on Oct 22, 2018 by the i24NEWS YouTube channel – PERSPECTIVES – As China expands its economic influence around the world, it continues to look for partners with which it can help develop an integrated global economy. Israel is offering its high-end research and development and China is listening. Our Asher Westropp-Evans has the story.

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Below video published on Sep 16, 2018 by the Latest News 360 YouTube channel – Top Stories Today – A Chinese company is planning to take over management of Israel’s Haifa port as Beijing continues to advance its global influence in the form of economic projects and big commercial deals.

The Haifa port sits close to the hub of the Israeli navy base that is reportedly home to the country’s nuclear-capable submarine force, according to The Times of Israel. Israeli critics are calling for an investigation into potential security issues posed by the Chinese presence along the country’s Mediterranean coast.

At the University of Haifa’s Workshop on Future of Maritime Security in the Eastern Mediterranean conference at the end of August, Shaul Chorev, reservist brigadier general of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), former navy chief of staff, and chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission, said a new mechanism was required to keep an eye on Chinese investments in Israel.

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