Calling Out Linda Sarsour on Al Aqsa

Truth and Deception: Calling Out Linda Sarsour on Al Aqsa

By Meira Svirsky Monday, July 24, 2017 – from

Sarsour’s Facebook post

How many ways can Linda Sarsour misrepresent the volatile situation between Israel and the Palestinians? And why do we even care?

Sarsour, a Palestinian activist, is the darling of the left, the feminist movement and the BDS movement. Information she spreads is taken at face value; no one usually bothers to check the facts.

Because of this, her comments matter. One of her latest disingenuous Facebook posts shows Muslims in Israel praying on the street because, in Sarsour’s words, they have been (#1 deception) “denied access to pray at Al Aqsa Mosque in their own homeland.”

Sarsour then praises her Palestinian brothers for this act of “non-violent resistance,” where they are (#2 deception) “met with tear gas and rubber bullets” from Israeli police.

She then paints her people, the Palestinians, as victims, saying the world powers (#3 deception) “continue to turn a blind eye to the blatant injustice against and the suffering of the Palestinian people.”

Let us navigate through the minefield of these distorted remarks, which has become the common narrative of Islamists worldwide.

#1 Palestinians are denied access to Al Aqsa mosque

Sarsour accuses Israel of blocking Muslim access to Al Aqsa, a mosque located on the Temple Mount. What she conveniently fails to mention is that Arab terrorists sneaked weapons onto the Temple Mount about 10 days ago and used them to kill two Israeli policemen who were stationed just outside the mount to guard the worshipers.

Until now, Israeli authorities allowed the Jordanian waqf (Islamic trust) to provide security for the sensitive area. In response to the attack, Israel installed metal detectors outside of the entrances to the mount.

Palestinians object to the metal detectors and have refused to enter the mount to pray at Al Aqsa, protesting instead by holding prayers outside, rioting and inciting against Israel which they accuse of wanting to take over the mosque and the entire Temple Mount. It’s a blood libel that has been used by Muslims for close to 100 years to foment horrific violence perpetrated by Islamists against Jews.

In fact, even after Israel regained control of the Temple Mount in 1967, they made the Islamic trust the administrators of the area. And although the mount is the holiest site in Judaism, to keep the peace, Israel law actually prohibits Jewish and all other non-Muslim prayer on the mount.

After the Palestinians called for a “day of rage” to be held last Friday to protest the metal detectors, Israel announced that only women and men over 50 years of age would be allowed on the Temple Mount for Friday prayers.

This remarkable display of Palestinian hypocrisy over the metal detectors has been “reframed” by Sarsour and her ilk, who now claim to the world that Palestinians are “denied access to pray at Al Aqsa Mosque.”

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Above video published on Jul 16, 2017 via the XVII LXXVI YouTube channel – A supporter of sharia law, an Anti-Zionist and Palestinian activist she has garnered a fair bit of attention and criticism especially recently after having been central in organizing the women’s March on Washington and giving a number of high-profile speeches and interviews.

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