Actual Statements Syrian Protest in England by Jihadis

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LONDON (AP) — Some two dozen demonstrators have gathered outside the Russian Embassy in London to protest Moscow’s use of airpower to back the Syrian government in its siege of the city of Aleppo.

Protesters threw hundreds of mannequin limbs in front of the embassy on Thursday, accusing Moscow of committing untold atrocities in Syria’s largest city. Two activists chained themselves to the embassy gates.

Protester John Dunford, who chained himself to the gates, says he’s protesting “the use of cluster munitions and bunker busters and other terrible horrors that the Russian government has been a part of in Syria. So I’m locked here to make this point.”

Syrian President Bashar Assad’s forces are waging an offensive on the rebel-controlled eastern part of Aleppo under the cover of Russian warplanes.

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