A tale of racism and family violence

Video published on Mar 22, 2012 by the Sky News YouTube channel – Mohammed Merah, the man suspected of killing seven people in and around Toulouse, has been killed after shooting on police surrounding his flat in the city. France’s interior minister Claude Gueant gave the news to reporters at the scene.

Article covering the trial of the terrorist’s family members from thejc.com

Harrowing details emerge from the French trial of Souad and Abdelkader Merah, whose brother shot dead seven people, including three Jewish children, in 2012.

“Burning hatred against France and against Jews, and an orgy of domestic violence.”

That was how Anne Chenevat, a major witness, described the Merah family – a divorced mother, three sons and two daughters – to the Special Criminal Court of Paris last Tuesday.

Mohamed Merah, the youngest of the family’s sons, killed seven people – including three Jewish children shot at point-blank range – and maimed six others in the southern French towns of Montauban and Toulouse between March 11 and March 19, 2012. He was himself killed by security forces three days later.

The main defendants in the present trial, which started three weeks ago, are his older brother Abdelkader Merah and his older sister Souad. The siblings are accused of inspiring the killing spree. Abdelkader was arrested in 2012; Souad fled to Algeria.

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