70 Years of Innovation: Milestones in Israeli History

Published on Mar 22, 2018 by the 21See YouTube channel – Join us on a journey through the last 70 years..

Be inspired and be amazed – join us on an incredible visual journey through 70 years of Israeli history.

March 25, 2018, 10:15 am

You’ve seen our timeline of amazing achievements in the first 70 years of modern Israeli statehood. Now we’ve put all that inspiration, from Ben-Gurion to Wonder Woman, into a vibrant video timeline to watch and share in celebration of the upcoming Yom Ha’atzmaut – Israel Independence Day.

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Executive Producer – Jonathan Baruch
Producer / Director – Haim Silberstein
DP – Eyal Sela
Editing – Shahar Beeri
Color Grading – Ari Amit
Sound – Oren Sharon

Also, by learnhebrewconversation.com

This year on the evening of April 18 and the day April 19  Israel 70 anniversary/Independence Day (Yom Hatzmaot-יום העצמאות) will be celebrated. This is a very exciting landmark for a small country who overcame so much adversity and his now a thriving democracy, a startup nation and a subject of admiration and envy to many nations in the world. Israel declared independence on 14 May 1948, which corresponds to the Hebrew date of ha ba-iyar -ה באייר the fifth day of the Hebrew month of Iyar.

A day before independence year , Israel commemorates Yom Hazikaron- the Israeli Fallen Soldiers and Victims of Terrorism Remembrance Day. The proximity of the grieve and the joy of these days is challenging but it makes us never forget the people who sacrificed their life and their families so we can live in this wonderful country.

Culture and Sport Minister Miri Regev stated:

“These will be 70 hours of celebrations in Israeli society that connect us all,” Regev said. “The events are tailored for both young and veteran audiences, for entire families, and also for Jews around the world. We are going to host the most-talked-about and moving events in Israeli society, full of energy, positivity and joy. It will be exciting, distinguished and touching, just as this country that we love so dearly deserves.”

The events will open with the annual state ceremony at Mount Herzl on April 18 where an official song to celebrate Israel’s 70th will be presented followed by what should be the largest fireworks display in Israel’s history.A pre-Shabbat “70th Hora” will be held the Friday before, with Israelis folk-dancing in group circles.

After an all night beach party from on all Israeli beaches (about 43.5 miles) is planned.

April 19 Parade of Lights is  planned for illustrating Israel’s success and innovation. as well as the annual International Bible Quiz, and the Israel Prize ceremony.

On Friday, April 20,crazy street parties will be held throughout Israel. Official independence day events end Saturday April 20 night with a musical event representing Israeli music of all streams.

Will you be at Israel 70 anniversary/Independence Day (Yom Hatzmaot-יום העצמאות)?

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