UCI Original – ICEJ’s Susan Michael on Jerusalem

Published on Jun 6, 2011 via the UCI Youtube channel – See http://uc4i.org/move for more info. The International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem – http://icej.org – speaks through its US Director, Susan Michael, of the need for the United States to recognize Israel’s sovereignty as a nation by moving the American Embassy back to Jerusalem. She also addresses the strength of the bond of unity with our only democratic ally in the Middle East.

On June 1, 2011, the International Israel Allies Caucus Foundation – http://iiacf.org – sponsored the Jerusalem Day Prayer Breakfast and Press Conference at which this message by Susan Michael was delivered. It was co-sponsored by ICEJ, UCI and other pro-Israel organizations.

As an Embassy representing Christians around the world, and by refusing to leave Jerusalem, ICEJ has made a powerful statement of support for Israel.

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