The Need for Media in the Battle for Truth

[Editor’s Note: Ted Belman, has, himself, attempted to bring true “hasbara” (public relations) by seeking fair and balanced news from the land of Israel to the world.

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Israel’s public diplomacy would be greatly served by the production of historical movies.

By Ted Belman

PM Netanyahu recently said:

We are in the midst of a great struggle being waged against the State of Israel, an international campaign to blacken its name. It is not connected to our actions; it is connected to our very existence,”  

He is referring, of course, to the propaganda war being waged against the existence of the State of Israel by the Palestinian Authority. It seeks to supplant the historical Jewish narrative with the fictitious Palestinian narrative. And it has succeeded to a significant extent.

With this in mind, the Netanyahus tried (in vain) 9 years ago, to push moguls to fund Israeli version of Fox News. The three moguls were Arnon Milchan, James Packer and Rupert Murdoch each of whom were asked to invest $25 million. The Netanyahus failed, and for their efforts, are now the subject of yet another police investigation.

Would that they had succeeded.

Prior to their attempts, Tzafrir Ronen z’l, Mike Wise, Eli Hertz, and I, also tried to launch an English Fox News type channel that would broadcast throughout the world from Israel. We were concerned with the propaganda war being waged against Israel and wanted to counter it with “fair and balanced” reporting. Like the Netanyahus, we also didn’t succeed.

Martin Sherman, the foremost right-wing thinker in Israel, wrote in a 2012 article Comprehending the Incomprehensible”,

“One of the gravest strategic threats facing Israel is its accelerating international delegitimization. This is developing into a strategic constraint that is increasingly curtailing the nation’s ability to protect itself and its citizens. Even more troubling, it is undermining international recognition of Israel’s right to exercise self-defense, even in the most blatant cases of aggression against it.”

Recognizing the problem, he has long advocated for Israel to allocate 1% of its annual budget to public diplomacy. This would amount to $1 billion annually. That gives you an idea of the importance Sherman places on this fight. So far Israel has decided it has other priorities, like defense for instance, and spends an insignificant fraction of what Sherman advocates for, on public diplomacy.

The problem continues unabated


Video published by the Anochi YouTube channel – Melanie Phillips clarifies the problem of Israel’s story in the battle for truth or, as Phillips puts it, “the battleground of the mind.” See: for more.

Recently I was approached by Joseph Shellim, a writer with 25 years’ experience in the movie industry, with the suggestion that we partner to set up a movie studio in Israel to produce a series of historical movies centered on Israel or Jews that he has been getting ready for production.

He argues that “Israel and Jews, whatever else, constitute one of the biggest ‘news’ items in the world; and either Israel utilizes this fact for her benefit, or it will be exploited by anti-Israel sources to cause untold damage”. Exactly.

As we know, Hollywood, which was largely created by Jews, has enormous influence around the world in fashioning and molding culture and values. Unfortunately, as I see it, it is now committed to promoting a progressive culture.

Couldn’t Jews, or anyone for that matter, create a new “Hollywood” in Israel devoted to a right- wing culture, one that reflects reality, Zionism and Trumpism.

Specifically, he wants the first movie, Holy War, to be about the Roman war against the Jews extending from Caligula (37 AD) to Hadrian (137 A.D.). This 100-year period includes the destruction of the Temple and the Temple Mount, the first Holocaust in which the Romans slaughtered 2.5 million Jews [75 M in today’s terms], the life of Josephus who went from being a Jewish soldier fighting the Romans to being a Roman citizen, tasked with recording the war, the siege of Masada and the short reign of Bar Kochba. It ends with Hadrian’s terrible burning alive of the priests and Torah scrolls in the name-changing scene of the land from Judea to Philistina.

He describes it thus:

“Holy-War” is based on its historical veracity, when the Jews confronted history’s greatest super power, all seen via a ‘forbidden love’ between a Roman soldier and a Hebrew maiden. Here is a historical Wonder Woman, a latter-day Ben Hur type movie, starring a prominent actor like Gal Gadot or Mila Kunis.”

Such a movie would have a bigger influence on the world’s perceptions than an Israeli “Fox News” would ever have had and would cost nothing as it will be a huge money maker due to its mass appeal throughout the world.

You can imagine the impact it would have on reestablishing the Jewish narrative, as the historical one. All one needs to do is recall the huge impact on the world’s perceptions of the Jews and Israel that the movie “Exodus” had.

You may recall that the Palestine Mandate included this recital,

“Whereas recognition has thereby been given to the historical connection of the Jewish people with Palestine and to the grounds for reconstituting their national home in that country.”

People have forgotten that recognition. Jews have the right to “reconstitute” in modern Israel, what was in Judea, Thus, Jews are not “colonizers” or “interlopers” or strangers as our detractors would have you believe.  They are indigenous to the land. They have come home.

Please read the remainder of Ted Belman’s article on his website here –

Video published by the Anochi YouTube channel – Melanie Phillips clarifies the problem of Israel’s story in the battle for truth or, as Phillips puts it, “the battleground of the mind.” See: for more.

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