Abbas' Party Hails Terrorists Behind Recent Attacks as 'Heroic Martyrs'

The Palestinian terrorist who killed a 4-day-old baby in last Sunday’s shooting attack is being publicly mourned by the Palestinian Authority after he was eliminated by the IDF.

By the Algemeiner via UnitedWithIsrael, December 14, 2018 – 

Saleh Omar Saleh Barghouti opened fire on a group of Israelis near the Jewish community of Ofra, critically injuring a pregnant woman. Her baby, a boy, was delivered by an emergency cesarean section, but he passed away on Wednesday.

In a separate incident on Wednesday, Ashraf Walid Suleiman Na’alwa, who killed two Israelis at the Barkan industrial complex in October, was also cornered and killed.

According to Israeli NGO Palestinian Media Watch, both killers were praised and mourned by Fatah.

“The heroic Martyrs (Shahids) of the homeland are sketching the map of the homeland with their pure blood, so that Palestine will live free and Arab,” Fatah wrote on Facebook. “Eternity and glory to you.”

“They [the winds] spread a scent at the place, which they say is similar to the scent of musk — and it is not surprising, for on that ground is a Martyr who was killed for his Lord and his land,” the post said.

“His pure soul went out to the Lord of Heaven and earth in order to enjoy the pleasures of the world to come, where there is no occupation, tyranny, or murder,” the post added. “Even the bullet that entered his body did not want to leave him. It settled into his warm veins and must remain with him forever. These are the Martyrs of Palestine. They live today with their Lord.”

Another post said of Barghouti, “He loved the land that gave him of its bounty, and he honored it and whispered in its ear: ‘I will give you the most precious thing I have — my blood and my soul.’”

Under an image of Na’alwa, Fatah stated that he “died as a Martyr.”

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