UCI Special – The Accomplishments of Trump vs. Baseless Hatred


Image of recent tweet by Israeli MK, Naftali Bennett, expressing gratitude for US President Trump's bold sanctions against the corrupt Iranian regime of Ayatollahs.

Love breeds Love. Hate breeds Hate. Never before are these maxims of life more apparent than today when we look at America. We see a nation in distress because of an unprecedented level of HATRED, bordering on paranoia, towards a sitting President. This atmosphere is detrimental to America and to Israel. No longer is a President evaluated by his concrete accomplishments, but by his manner of speech. This HATRED is manifested in many ways in our society, ways that our Founding Fathers never envisioned.

The pillars of our society are under attack. Free Speech, especially in Universities, is no longer the rule, but the exception. Open Dialogue with someone with a different opinion, has become contentious with people having no tolerance for others with opinions they do not want to hear.

Perhaps most dangerous is the role of the General News Media which has abdicated its responsibility as neutral provider of Information. The line has become blurred between the historical role of a reporter and that of the news outlet editorial voice. We see too many reporters reflecting their own opinion, shading a report to reflect this opinion plus deciding what should and should not be included in a report, regardless of its importance in understanding all aspects of a situation. One is reminded of a famous Thomas Jefferson admonition: A Democracy is Finished when the Citizenry becomes Misinformed or Uninformed.

We see this distress in many ways:  violence in our cities;  increased heated political dialogue; broken friendships; tempers at the breaking point, e.g. highways where drivers weave in and out seemingly angry at traffic jams, perhaps the cause for an increase in traffic accidents.

The HATRED towards President Trump is unwarranted when one examines the total picture.  Too many people are playing the BLAME game, accusing him of everything that happens, something he says or even something he does not say.  His concrete accomplishments in less than two years in office, are barely revealed to the American people, yet are voluminous.  One need only examine the following list to understand why all this HATRED is unwarranted.

– Rollback of Obama regulations that were stifling businesses
– Unemployment rate for Blacks has fallen to its lowest point in history
– Number of people on Food Stamps has fallen from about 48 million to 45 million
Unemployment overall Has Fallen to a 17 Year Low, now below 4%.
The Stock Market Has Gone Up 30% – More Than Six Trillion Dollars, highest ever in its history, and GDP over 3%
– More than 4 million new Jobs created
Median household income at a 7 year high
Consumer confidence highest since 2000 at index 125.6
Highest manufacturing surge in 3 years
– Promoted businesses to create American Jobs
– $78 Billion promised reinvestment from major businesses like Exxon, Bayer, Apple, SoftBank, Toyota providing more jobs
– Increase in home buying with home mortgages increasing
– Changed the way the Gov. budget is implemented – by agencies, not one big budget.
– Tax Plan producing results – companies have returned Trillions from overseas, are investing more, employees getting bonuses, economy is booming

– Pressuring congress to legislate immigration control system to have  control over our borders.
Demanding an end of Chain Migration and abusive Lottery system
– 70% less illegals coming through and less drugs contributing to the deaths of 70,000 Americans every year
– Trying hard to impose tougher vetting of immigrants
– Deporting violent illegal immigrants  warning about MS-13 Gang
– No more release of terrorists from Gitmo
– Warning about the danger of MS13 gangs, mostly illegals
– Voicing strong support for ICE

– Restored friendly ties with Israel. Moved the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem. 
– Traveled to Saudia Arabia to bring together the Sunni states to confront terrorism leading perhaps to friendlier relations with Israel.
– Netanyahu and staff met with Oman leaders in Oman
–  Softening of Arab position led to Israeli athletes singing Hatikvah in UAE
–  Trump agrees to sell Israel mid-air refueling planes
– Cut aid to Palestinians for not seeking peace

–  Cut aid  to Pakistan for their Taliban support
–  Used missiles in Syria to warn Assad not to use chemical weapons
–  Used MOAB bomb to destroy a Taliban HDQ.  And kill numbers of terrorists.
–   Aided Iraq in eliminating the ISIS threat of a caliphate in eastern Iraq.

– Canceled Iran Nuclear Pact
– Unlike Obama, Trump has announced support for Iranian demonstrators demanding freedom, etc.
– Taken strong stand on Iran especially its world support for terrorism
 – Took America out of UNESCO and Human Rights Council
   – Reduced aid to UNRWA
– Appointed Haley as Ambassador to U.N.

– Standing firm on the No. Korea threat, especially getting China to end aid
– – Opened door to stopping N. Korea’ nuclear program, getting 3 Americans freed, discussion started on unifying the peninsula

– – Trump got agreement that NATO allies meet their commitment of 2% of their GDP contribution for each country

– – He took us out of TPP
– – Got agreements with China on reducing tariffs and perhaps ending China stealing of our intellectual property
–  Reached agreement with Mexico and Canada to replace NAFTA

– – Submitted Budget Blueprint to congress to streamline Fed. Agencies to eliminate waste, fraud and unnecessary programs
– Encouraging congress to pass separate budgets for each Dept./Agency rather than the total budget for all
–  Encouraging congress to change the Civil Service laws that prevent incompetent gov. workers from being fired

– Getting USA out of the nuclear pact with Russia since Russia has violated the agreements
– Rebuilt our military including stopping cannibalization of 1/3 fighter planes to keep the other 2/3 flying
– – Allowing VA to terminate bad employees and give veterans private healthcare choices
– Changed the Rules of Engagement to permit commanders in the field to make military decisions without checking with Wash. first.
– Recognizing the potential threat from China, taking action to increase our military supplies, formerly purchased from China.

– Reducing aid, especially military, to countries throughout the world, countries financially able to support themselves.
– – Issued no Red LIne in Syria, instead, ordered missiles to stop Assad chemical attack on civilians
– Pulled out of the lopsided Paris climate accord which required USA to fund less developed countries
– – Keystone and Dakota pipelines approved making us independent of OPEC oil and gasoline now costing less than before, and providing 40,000 jobs..
 – Donated $1 million to the victims of hurricane Harvey in Texas
– Refuses his Presidential pay check, contributing it to charity
– – Jump started NASA, downgraded by Obama
– Finalized a commission to address opioids addiction that results in over 70,000 deaths/yr.
– Giving power to states to drug test unemployment recipients
– Created an office for illegal immigrant crime victims
– Reversed Dodd-Frank
– Repealed DOT ruling which would have taken power away from local governments for infrastructure planning
– $700 million saved with F-35 renegotiation
– Saves $22 million by reducing white house payroll (Michelle had 17 aides, Melania has  5)
– Signed An Executive Order To Promote Energy Independence and Economic Growth
– Has directed agency/cabinet heads to trim the fat, restructure and improve efficiency within their area of responsibility
– Trump commits $256 million to revive long-neglected national parks
– Asks congress to change the Civil Service regulations to make it easier to fire gov. employees for non-performance.



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