Weaponizing Jewish alienation

The audience of approximately 150 Christians—many of them affiliated with the United Methodist Church—nodded along as Mark Braverman flirted with them by saying that, while he remains a Jew, he regularly preaches from the New Testament in churches on Sunday mornings.

Every religious faith has alienated and disaffected members. But using and exploiting disgruntled Jews to delegitimize the Jewish people, their faith and their homeland has a uniquely tragic history in Christian political polemics.

Sadly enough, this history is playing itself out at the “Christ at the Checkpoint” conference that is currently taking place at the Reed Conference Center near Oklahoma City.

Witness one of the “star” speakers at the conference: Mark Braverman, a Jew, who works with Christian anti-Zionist organizations such as Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center, Kairos USA (where he works as executive director), and Evangelicals for Middle East Understanding (where he works as a consultant).

Braverman is author of Fatal Embrace, a political polemic which, among other things, downplays Hamas’s hostility towards Israel and Jews. It also places all the blame for the Israel-Palestinian conflict on the Jewish people’s flawed self-understanding. Evidently, Braverman is among the few Jews on earth to possess the true insight into how Jews should properly understand themselves.

Narcissistically, he took to the stage on Oct. 16 to signal his moral superiority and damn the Jewish people. “I do not want to base my identity on being different, better or scared,” he said, with false modesty. “You see where that leads. It leads to the bombs of Gaza. It leads to the checkpoints of Jenin—that’s where it leads.”

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