Paraguay to Move Jerusalem Embassy Back to Tel Aviv

To the ire of Israeli officials, Paraguay will move its embassy out of Jerusalem and back to Tel Aviv. It’s a significant victory for the Palestinians.

The move is a major blow to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s drive for international recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital; Paraguay was one of two countries to move its embassy following the US decision to recognize the city as the capital and move its own embassy in May.

In response to the reversal, Israel angrily announced that it was closing its embassy in Paraguay, saying Asuncion’s decision cast a cloud over bilateral relations.

One thought on “Paraguay to Move Jerusalem Embassy Back to Tel Aviv

  • September 30, 2018 at 6:30 PM

    If you will study the post WWII history, Paraguay and Argentina were major sanctuary destinations for the Nazi SS. People who have lived in those two nations have seen the Nazi influence as the Nazi community, with their new identities, became a secure, wealthy, element of their new societies. It was a great surprise, therefore, when it was announced that Paraguay was moving its embassy to Jerusalem. The retraction is evidence that the most cruel criminal members of the Third Reich still exist by another name.


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