The IDF Is Ready to Evacuate Settlements on The Border with Gaza


IDF: “Hamas does not dictate terms to us, we decide what and when to do.”

Destruction in the front yard of the apartment building where 3 people were killed by a Hamas rocket. David Katz / The Israel Project (Flickr)

A senior IDF commander in an interview with the military correspondent of the Galileo radio, Tsakhal Tsakhi Dabush, said that Israel “is close to the operation in Gaza like never before.”

The officer said: “We are closer to the battle than to the settlement. We will send reinforcements to the south. “

The officer said that “in case of need, we evacuate residents of settlements on the border with Gaza.”

The officer stressed that the IDF will no longer act on the formula “silence in response to silence,” when he confined himself to shelling the posts of Hamas in response to any provocation. The officer stressed that the beginning of any settlement in Gaza would be the return of Hamas to the recognition of the conditions under which the Operation “Indestructible Rock” ended.

The officer stressed that “our disposal is a huge opportunity,” and that “Hamas does not dictate terms to us, we decide what and when to do.”

Radio Galei, the IDF, reports that in recent days, for consideration by the Israeli government, Education Minister Naftali Bennet has introduced a project for the disarmament of Gaza, providing for a large-scale IDF operation in Gaza. As part of the operation, it will be necessary to evacuate settlements on the border – at least those that are at a distance of three to four kilometers from Gaza. This is due to the fact that they fall under mortar shelling, to protect against which the civilian population is extremely difficult.

It is also reported that Bennett's plan does not provide for the occupation of Gaza and a large-scale land operation.

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