Muslims who murdered 16 in Barcelona jihad attack also planned truck bomb jihad massacre at Eiffel Tower

This is the reason for the new fences and barricades around the Eiffel Tower. But why keep bringing in more people among whom will always be an unknowable number of enemy combatants?

“Barcelona Terrorists Plotted Eiffel Tower Truck Bomb,” by Chris Tomlinson, Breitbart, July 10, 2018:

The 2017 Cambrils terrorists had travelled to Paris the week before their August attack and had plotted to set off a truck bomb at the base of the Eiffel Tower, according to new information obtained by Spanish media.

The attackers, who killed 16 people last August in Barcelona and the town of Cambrils, are said to have travelled to the French capital a week before their attack and had already rented a large truck to carry out their bomb plot, Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia reports.

According to the paper, an accidental explosion which occurred several days before the terror attack had been caused by explosives that were originally meant to be placed in the truck and set off in Paris. A source claimed that nearly 450lbs of TATP, an explosive favoured by the Islamic State terror group, had been present in the plotters’ demolished apartment.

Investigators also looked into the internet history searches of the terrorists and found what they believed to have been potential targets as one man searched to see if the Barcelona football club was playing a game, and searched other targets such as the Sagrada Familia basilica which was revealed as a target last year….

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