Hey Democrats, Your Base Doesn't Support Catch And Release When It Comes To Illegal Aliens

As the media reports that the Trump administration overplayed their hand in the child separation drama at the border, the Democratic Party is doing the same as well. The Trump White House is enacting a tough border enforcement policy. It’s an action item that helped usher him into the Oval Office. It’s time we start enforcing our immigration laws. This should not be shocking. Yet, with 2,000 reported migrant kids being separated from their parents due to trying to enter the country illegally; the media and the Democrats have gone insane in their criticism. They’ve going full Nazi, suggesting that we’re becoming like Nazi Germany and that these detention centers, which were around before Trump was president, are like concentration camps. You can’t win with the Left. Trump signed an executive order to keep families together, but liberals said it doesn’t solve the problem; it only leads to families being detained indefinitely. Didn’t they say Trump could fix this with a swipe of his pen?…

Well, according to new polling from YouGov, just 30 percent of Democrats support the catch and release agenda of their party, while 19 percent overall support this approach. That’s uh, quite unpopular. In fact, from across the country and from various economic backgrounds, the consensus was that catch and release was a total garbage policy.

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