“I tried to find a street in which I would not have to walk over the corpses; but that was impossible”

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Ramadan Day 26 thought for the day from my new book The History of Jihad: in 1064, the Seljuk Turkish sultan, Alp Arslan, besieged the Armenian city of Ani. The thirteenth-century Muslim historian Sibt ibn al-Jawzi recounted the testimony of an eyewitness:

The army entered the city, massacred its inhabitants, pillaged and burned it, leaving it in ruins and taking prisoner all those who remained alive…. The dead bodies were so many that they blocked the streets; one could not go anywhere without stepping over them. And the number of prisoners was not less than 50,000 souls. I was determined to enter the city and see the destruction with my own eyes. I tried to find a street in which I would not have to walk over the corpses; but that was impossible.

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