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Article from UnityCoalitionforIsrael.org by Gerald A. Honigman –

Renewed tragedy has been occurring in Gaza for weeks now. Before it's over, there will be much destruction, and many lives will have been lost or seriously impacted in other ways.

The near-sighted blame this on President Trump's recognition that, since King David purchased it from Jebusites three thousand years ago (with Jerusalem subsequently becoming the heart and soul of Jewish existence), he would heed Congress's call to acknowledge Zion as Israel's capital, moving America's embassy there on the 70th anniversary of Israel’s rebirth, May 14, 2018. Like all other nations on Earth, Israel finally got to choose its own most important city.

Mentioned over 600 times in the Hebrew Bible, the Arabs' Qur'an does not mention Jerusalem even once. Medieval Arab historians themselves, like Jalaluddin, admitted that Islam's 7th century C.E. prophet, Muhammad, only paid respect to Jerusalem to gain support from influential tribes of Jews who, fleeing Roman conquest in Judea earlier, founded the date palm oasis of Medina in the Arabian Peninsula. Muhammad fled there to escape fellow pagan enemies in Mecca. After giving him refuge, introducing him to Jewish monotheistic beliefs, important human and non-human luminaries (like Abraham, Moses, the important Angel Gabriel), and such, when the Jews refused his religio-political claims, Islam’s prophet decapitated all their men and enslaved the women and children.

Back to the future…

During Passover 2018, “Hamastan,” aka Gaza, decided to give Israel another violent gift. It's been a gift that has kept on giving, as daily news reports of the violence show.

Refusing to come to grips with a permanent Jewish state, Fatah’s Mahmoud Abbas’s latter day Arafatians, Hamasniks, & Co. all refuse to take peace negotiations seriously. They opt instead to insist on Israel’s consent to suicide; i.e. a return to Its pre-'67 war, 9-15 mile wide, '49 armistice line existence (contrary to UNSC Res. 242), while at the same time demanding that it agree to being inundated by millions of real and fudged refugees created by a war Arabs started with their invasion of Israel upon its rebirth in May 1948. Recall more Jews fled from Arab/Muslim lands than vice-versa.

The violent, mass demonstrations Hamas has provoked and the attempt to invade Israel, aiming to kill Jews and destroy property (as revealed by Arabs captured who breached the border), is not about a blockade, depravations, or such–although those do exist…They are about the very existence of Israel. It's not the latter's size that's the problem. It's that Israel is…

Arabs want their proposed 22nd state to replace Israel–not live side by of it. And that 22nd state (on lands conquered from mostly native, non-Arab peoples) will be the Arabs' 2nd–not first–in the original 1920 Mandate of Palestine. Since 1922, Jordan has sat on some 80% of the original territory. Had Arabs' accepted the 1947 partition plan, they would have wound up with some 90% of the total area. That's fact–not Arab permissible lying (especially to “Infidels”) known as taqiyya.

Despite constant Israeli warnings (leaflets dropped, etc.), Hamas couldn’t resist worldwide attention, so has played it for all it's worth. Under cover of toxic, massive smoke screens, it's even stooped to sending a seven year old girl to provoke Israeli reaction since Jews know Arabs have often used children and even donkeys as improvised explosive devices.

The same folks, who routinely use innocents as human shields, were hoping to get some good press out of a little child’s death. Instead of firing, Israelis managed to lead the frightened child out of harm’s way. The situation has gotten even worse as Arab mothers bring infants to join in the festivities. If you don’t know what Pallywood is, please Google it. It's eye-opening. Yet, a gullible (or perhaps complicit) world largely buys into it hook, line, and sinker.

Tragedy, for sure–but who's to blame?

Recall that Israel withdrew from Gaza years ago. It left greenhouses and such behind for Arabs to use–which the latter proceeded to burn, like the massive fires in Israel's tenderly-planted forests and farms they're starting as well In return, Israel got thousands of Arab rockets and mortars fired at it by Arabs who, with the withdrawal, were now even closer to Israel's '49 armistice line/border…Geez, whata deal!

The Gaza withdrawal was an important test–and Arabs, perhaps admirably showing true intentions, flunked it badly. Had they spent the large amount of foreign aid building infrastructure, developing land, schools, and improving the lives of their people in other ways (with Israel surely as a willing partner) instead of building terror tunnels, acquiring more and more means to murder Jews, and such, things would be very different today.

For starters, the Israeli naval blockade and such Arabs complain about wouldn’t be. Since Israel has intercepted all sorts of weaponry sent by ship from Iran and elsewhere to Gaza, Israel has little choice but to keep it in place. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of truckloads of goods have passed through Israel into Gaza over the years…to enemies sworn to Israel’s destruction and the murder of its people. How many other nations condemning Israel would do this?

Again, there is indeed tragedy in all of this…

The plight of Arab children–taught from early childhood to hate and to kill Jews and kept by elders as political pawns in their perpetual war to deny Jews their own tiny share of justice–is worse for all of this. And for that Arab sin, I am truly sorry.

Additionally, Israel–at least sometimes–probably could have done things better too. Hindsight is usually the best sight. But no nation has tried harder to find fair accommodation and compromise with its enemies…None.

Israel has treated Gaza Arabs, including Hamas family members, in its hospitals only to have some return later to try to slaughter their doctors

It's extremely hard, except for those with eyes deliberately shut, for knowledgeable, objective observers to support a people who deny any and all others the same rights and dignity they demand for themselves. Scores of millions of Kurds, “Berbers,” Copts, black Africans, Assyrians, native “kilab yahud” (Jew dogs), and other non-Arab peoples have received the same (or worse) murderous, subjugating treatment at the hands of Arabs that Israel's Jews have received. Among the most hardline Zionists are those Jews whose ancestors lived as dhimmis over the millennia in “Arab”/Muslim lands.

The simple fact is that Hamas and Gaza's (and other) Arabs who support it are violently demonstrating not because of any particular Israeli policy, blockade, or such. They're revolting because their bloodlust to destroy the Jews' lone, minuscule, resurrected state is greater than their desire to attain a 22nd one of their own.

It is the same bloodlust which has led them to blow up buses, shopping centers, ice cream and pizza parlors–and then construct a museum with fake Jewish body parts hanging from the ceiling emulating the real thing.

This is what Israel faces in Hamas’s Gaza and in Mahmoud Abbas’s Palestinian Authority/Fatah areas as well. Abbas still names schools, streets, buildings and such after Arab heroes who commit the above atrocities and pays them and/or their families for such heroism.

Please keep all the above in mind when you read or see the next media coverage of these events.

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