President Donald J. Trump at the United Nations General Assembly: Outlining an America First Foreign Policy

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“Our foreign policy calls for a direct, robust, and meaningful engagement with the world. It is American leadership based on vital security interests that we share with our allies all across the globe.” – President Donald J. Trump

America First Foreign Policy: Before the United Nations General Assembly, President Donald J. Trump outlined the Administration’s foreign policy of “Principled Realism,” a strategy of acting in America’s national interest and in accordance with our values.

  • America First means America will, put its citizens, its values, and its concerns, first, like all nations should.President Trump reiterated that he will make foreign policy decisions based on outcomes, not on ideology.

    • Strong sovereign nations are key to international peace.
  • America will remain an international leader but will also encourage the nations of the world to do their share.President Trump said he wants to see a world that is more stable and prosperous, with countries that better maintain their own sovereignty.

    North Korea and Iran remain key threats to international stability and require international cooperation.

    • America First does not mean America alone.
    • All countries must contribute in the fight against global terrorism and other shared threats.
    • Nations that care for their citizens likewise have a rational interest in shared cooperation.

Taking a STRONG STANCE Against North Korean Provocation: President Donald J. Trump is already leading the effort to stop North Korea’s nuclear program.

  • The United States has led the UN Security Council to adopt resolutions in September, August, and June strengthening and expanding sanctions against North Korea, pressuring the country to abandon its nuclear ambitions.

  • The Trump Administration has asked all nations to do more to stop North Korea’s nuclear program.

  • The U.S. military has conducted exercises with allies South Korea and Japan to increase preparedness and readiness.

Curbing Iran’s Destabilizing Activity: President Trump has taken decisive action to confront Iran’s destructive actions.

  • The Trump Administration has repeatedly imposed sanctions against the Iranian regime and individuals associated with that nation’s illegal ballistic missile program.

  • The President has ordered a review of the Iran nuclear deal to examine whether it is in the best interest of the United States and its allies.

Pressuring The Venezuelan Regime: The President has repeatedly stood up and spoken out for the Venezuelan people against tyranny and oppression.

  • The President has sought to resolve the crisis in Venezuela and restore democracy to its people, sanctioning the Maduro regime and its allies.

  • The President is working closely with Latin American leaders to confront Maduro and aid the Venezuelan people.

Defeating ISIS AND FIGHTING TERRORISM: President Donald J. Trump has been working with international partners to defeat ISIS and combat terrorism around the world.

  • The President’s strategy to defeat ISIS has pushed back the terrorist group’s gains and secured key battlefield victories.

    • President Trump has accelerated strikes against ISIS forces in Iraq and Syria.
    • In the first six months of the Trump Administration, ISIS lost one-third of the total territory it has lost since 2014.
    • The U.S.-led coalition against ISIS has fully retaken Mosul, considered to be the last major Iraqi city held by the Islamic State.
  • The President outlined a new Afghanistan strategy to ensure that country cannot be used as a terrorist base to threaten the United States by:The President has authorized an increase in strikes against terrorist groups that threaten the American people, including Al-Shabaab in Somalia, Al-Qaeda’s largest affiliate.

    • Establishing a plan for Afghanistan that is based on conditions on the ground, not an artificial timeline, and
    • Pressing Pakistan for greater cooperation in countering all forms of terrorism and enhancing global and regional stability.

Strengthening Partnerships In The Middle East: The President is restoring relationships with key allies in the Middle East, while countering threats to America’s interests.

  • The President is repairing relationships with Israel, Saudi Arabia, and other key Middle Eastern allies and partners.

  • In April, President Trump authorized missile strikes against the regime of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad following its use of chemical weapons against innocent civilians.

  • The Trump Administration has put in place new sanctions against Syrian individuals and entities that have supported the Assad regime’s attacks against its own people and negotiated a ceasefire in southwestern Syria.

Strengthening AND RENEWING THE NATO ALLIANCE: President Trump has successfully pushed NATO countries to increase defense spending while also reaffirming America’s commitment to a free and peaceful Europe.

  • NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said the President successfully persuaded NATO allies to increase defense spending consistent with their treaty commitments.

  • The United States is now exporting oil and gas to Central and Eastern European countries, supporting their energy independence.

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