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Dear Friend of the Unity Coalition for Israel, 

For more than 25 years, UCI has kept you informed and made your voice heard by world leaders on topics that concern the security of Israel and the U.S. We are now entering a new era of brutality. As UCI fights to counter radical Islamic ideology, the ideology has taken hold as a new and even more vicious enemy. An Islamic State has emerged in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) that is growing exponentially. They brandish savagery and barbarism that have reached a new and treacherous level of depravity. It is now more important than ever to control this movement. A contribution today will enable us to continue this critical work. 

UCI gives its readers a clear understanding of the radical ideology that threatens our way of life and fosters anti-Semitic and anti-Christian genocide. We need to educate a new generation of fearless activists to defend core values. To this end we have launched "Democracy Under Attack," with a weekly newsletter at http://democracyunderattack.org, along with Media and Action Alerts to address this serious new threat.

While confronting an ongoing jihad with Israel that began in 1948 we continue to battle worldwide Jewish and Christian genocide. The once controversial concept of the Unity Coalition for Israel has finally become mainstream. Christians and Jews working together under our banner for 25 years have made our efforts not only fruitful, but politically correct. Our unified voice is strong. It has been validated in Congress and reverberates in the mainstream press. 

UCI needs your vision and your voice, but we also need your financial support to carry on our work. We ask for your help to keep you informed and prepared to act in pursuit of our mission to defend free societies, our U.S. borders, and a secure and sovereign Israel, the spiritual Homeland of the West and moral compass for democracies worldwide. Your contributions will enable us to continue this vital work. Join us today.

Esther Levens, CEO and Founder
Unity Coalition for Israel

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To donate by personal check: Make check payable to "Unity Coalition for Israel" and mail the donation to Unity Coalition for Israel. 3965 W. 83rd. Street #292, Shawnee Mission, KS 66208-3965

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