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Report: Israel Considering Military Action Against Iran
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Terror in Israel
Interview with Yoram Ettinger on IBA News November 17th after the horrific terrorist attack on worshipers at a Jerusalem synagogue.
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5 Fill-in-the-Blank Forms Obama Could Use Repeatedly
Robert Spencer

PJ Media, November 22, 2014

...3. “The _______ jihad terror group is on the ropes.”

Obama has been saying since 2012 that al-Qaeda is on the ropes. But even though since then they have taken control of much of Libya and opened a new offensive on the Indian subcontinent, they are essentially passé – the old man’s jihad. The new and hip (can we still say “hip”?) jihadis are those of the Islamic State. Obama declared back in September that they had “already failed,” and this form will make future declarations of victory that much easier. New jihad groups are sure to arise and may even seize expanses of territory – why should Obama lose valuable time on the links to construct new statements about how they have been defeated, when each of these situations is so much like the last? This new template will take care of that.

2. “This Palestinian jihad atrocity at ________ shows that Israel must reach out to the Palestinians and give them _________.”

After Palestinian Islamic jihadists screaming “Allahu akbar” murdered five people in a Jerusalem synagogue, a bored-looking Obama condemned the attack and proclaimed, “Too many Palestinians have died.” He couldn’t stop himself even on the occasion of horrific jihad inhumanity from indulging in his usual moral equivalence, and pretending that both sides are equally responsible for the fact that there is no peace between Israel and the “Palestinians.”

But that is, ahem, par for the course for Obama. As far as he is concerned, any and all jihad attacks are just signals that the Israelis need to make more concessions to the Palestinians. This form will make it easier for him to dash off new demands upon the Israelis between the eighth and ninth holes.

1. “The jihad attack upon _______________ has nothing to do with Islam.”...

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Jabhat al-Nusra Spokesman Rejects IS Alliance Rumors
John Rossomando

Investigative Project on Terrorism, November 17, 2014

A Jabhat al-Nusra spokesman tells the blog Syria Direct that rumors of an alliance between his al-Qaida affiliate and the Islamic State are false.

Western media sources published reports last week that both jihadist factions reached an agreement at a Nov. 2 meeting to stop fighting each other and destroy the U.S.-aligned Syrian Revolutionaries Front.

The spokesman from Jabhat al-Nusra's media office in northwestern Syria's Idlib province, identified as Abu Azzam al-Ansari, confirmed that the group sent representatives to meet with those from the Islamic State.

But the Islamic State's representatives rejected their offer of reconciliation, al-Ansari said....

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Palestinian terrorists have murdered more Americans than the Islamic State
Alex VanNess

The Washington Examiner, November 23, 2014

On Tuesday, two Palestinian terrorists entered a synagogue in Jerusalem and killed four people during morning prayers, then killed an Israeli police officer responding to the scene. This attack is the latest in a recent string of heinous attacks by Palestinian terrorists.

Three other recent victims were U.S. citizens. The American victims include both Naftali Frankel, a student who was abducted and murdered while hitchhiking home from school, and Chaya Zissel Braun, a 3-month-old baby murdered by a terrorist who used his car as a weapon.

In President Obama’s statement on the recent attack, he called for Palestinians and Israelis to “work together to lower tensions” and made sure to stress that the “majority of Palestinians and Israelis overwhelmingly want peace.”

Unfortunately, as far as the reference to Palestinians is concerned, this statement is short on facts. Even though Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas publicly condemned the attack, officials from his Fatah party, along with Hamas, applauded it.

A recent poll by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research shows that following the 50-day conflict with Israel over the summer, the popularity of the terrorist group Hamas grew throughout the region. Last year, a Pew Research poll showed that 62 percent of Palestinian Muslims believe suicide bombings are “often or sometimes justified.”...

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Hamas: Rebuild Gaza or We'll Attack Israel
Khaled Abu Toameh

Gatestone Institute, November 24, 2014

Hamas is once again threatening to attack Israel, this time over the failure of the international community and the Palestinian Authority to fulfill their promises to rebuild the Gaza Strip in the aftermath of Operation Protective Edge.

Hamas leaders are particularly angry with the Palestinian Authority [PA] and its president, Mahmoud Abbas, whom they accuse of hindering efforts to rebuild hundreds of destroyed homes in the Gaza Strip....

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Exclusive: Cornered but unbound by nuclear pact, Israel reconsiders military action against Iran
Michael Wilner

The Jerusalem Post, November 22, 2014

WASHINGTON – Historic negotiations with Iran will reach an inflection point on Monday, as world powers seek to clinch a comprehensive deal that will, to their satisfaction, end concerns over the nature of its vast, decade-old nuclear program.

But reflecting on the deal under discussion with The Jerusalem Post on the eve of the deadline, Israel has issued a stark, public warning to its allies with a clear argument: Current proposals guarantee the perpetuation of a crisis, backing Israel into a corner from which military force against Iran provides the only logical exit.

The deal on the table

World powers have presented Iran with an accord that would restrict its nuclear program for roughly ten years and cap its ability to produce fissile material for a weapon during that time to a minimum nine-month additional period, from the current three months....

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Iran nuclear talks end in Vienna, new deadline set for July 1

Press TV, November 24, 2014

Press TV reports from Vienna that the nuclear talks between Iran and the so-called P5+1 group of countries have ended with the two sides agreeing to extend the Joint Plan of Action to July 1, 2015.

US Secretary of State John Kerry had earlier told his Iranian counterpart Mohammad Javad Zarif that the two sides needed to consider extending nuclear talks.

Washington's offer of post-deadline talks, published by US media, was made in bilateral talks between the top Iranian and American diplomats and endorsed during Monday's meeting between the seven countries' top diplomats.

Meanwhile, Press TV has learned that major gaps still remain as both sides step up their diplomatic efforts in the next weeks....

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Graft Hobbles Iraq's Military in Fighting ISIS
David D. Kirkpatrick

The New York Times, November 23, 2014

BAGHDAD — One Iraqi general is known as “chicken guy” because of his reputation for selling his soldiers’ poultry provisions. Another is “arak guy,” for his habit of enjoying that anis-flavored liquor on the job. A third is named after Iraq’s 10,000-dinar bills, “General Deftar,” and is infamous for selling officer commissions.

They are just a few of the faces of the entrenched corruption of the Iraqi security forces, according to Iraqi officers and lawmakers as well as American officials.

The Iraqi military and police forces had been so thoroughly pillaged by their own corrupt leadership that they all but collapsed this spring in the face of the advancing militants of the Islamic State — despite roughly $25 billion worth of American training and equipment over the past 10 years and far more from the Iraqi treasury....

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