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Editor's Note: Tuesday April 21, 2015

Iranian opposition activist: “OBAMA IS THE SON OF SHIITE FATHER… Some people call him the Iranian lobby in America.”   CLICK HERE for video and article. 

Muslims Establishing NO-GO ZONES IN AMERICA
Muslim enclaves that are hostile to surrounding communities are springing up across America. Funded by Pakistani radicals, 22 villages in 9 states have been established that are teaching terrorist tactics to members of their compounds.   Fox News video - 04:26 (Jan 14, 2015) 

WORLD'S TINIEST BIBLE to be presented at Israel Museum for 50th anniversary
The Nano Bible is a gold-coated silicon chip smaller than a pinhead, and contains all 1.2 million letters of the bible.    CLICK HERE for photo and article.

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Inspectors Need Full Access in Iran Nuclear Deal, Moniz Says
Jim Snyder

bloomberg.com, April 20, 2015

...Inspectors’ Access

Access for UN inspectors is one of the biggest hurdles to a final deal designed to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon. Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has said inspectors would be barred from certain military facilities.

In response to Moniz’s comments, the deputy head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Agency, Behrouz Kamalvandi, said Iran hasn’t agreed to “anywhere, anytime” inspections, saying “negotiations are continuing,” the Iranian Students’ News Agency reported.

The other major obstacle to a deal is agreement over the pace of sanctions relief. Iran wants oil and financial sanctions lifted immediately upon signing a deal, while the U.S. and its partners have said Iran first needs to scale back its nuclear program -- a process that Moniz predicted would take six months to complete -- before sanctions will be eased....

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Why Palestine Has No Chance at the International Criminal Court
Andrew Novak

thedailybeast.com, April 17, 2015

Abbas  Momani (AFP/Getty Images)

American and Israeli leaders expressed consternation at Palestine’s membership in the International Criminal Court. Some believe Palestine will try to prosecute Israel for war crimes. But with no way of investigating or punishing crime on its own, the concern is overblown.

Palestine’s membership in the International Criminal Court, formalized on April 1, 2015, caused consternation in both the United States and Israel. The ICC has a mandate to prosecute genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vocally questioned the ICC’s authority and called on Israel’s allies to resist cooperating with investigations of Israeli officials should they be indicted.

In fact, Israel has little to fear from the ICC. The threat is overblown. Palestine has arguably even already made a huge mistake by failing to use its membership as leverage....

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Putin warns Israel: Selling arms to Ukraine would provoke Russian S-300 sales to Syria too

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report , April 19, 2015

S-300 air defense missile radar

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s warning to Israel against selling arms to Kiev - in retaliation for the S-300 air-defense missiles Russia has released for Iran – adds a European dimension to the dispute by planting Israel squarely in the middle of Moscow’s Ukraine dispute with the United States. The Russian leader’s implied threat to hit back by sending the same missile system to Syria as well as Iran, touches on another dispute between Russia on the one side and the US and Israel on the other, namely the Syria conflict.

Whereas critics of the Netanyahu government highlight its falling-out with the Obama administration over the Iranian nuclear issue, they disregard the intense US-Israeli military cooperation in two vital regions of conflict – Syria and Ukraine.

This working relationship is not lost on Putin....

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Egyptian army: 69 tunnels on Gazan border destroyed since March

maannews.com, April 19, 2015

CAIRO (Ma'an) -- The Egyptian army has destroyed 69 tunnels along the border with the Gaza Strip since Mar. 28, an Egyptian army spokesman said Saturday.

Spokesman Muhammad Samir said that Egyptian border forces stationed in the Egyptian side of Rafah had discovered and destroyed the tunnels in coordination with army engineers.

In a statement released last month, Samir said the army had destroyed 194 tunnels between Feb. 1 and Mar. 19, and another statement at the end of March said that 22 tunnels had been destroyed between Mar. 20-27.

The latest 69 puts the total number of tunnels destroyed at 285 since February....

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U.N. Security Council Sees Video Evidence of a Chemical Attack in Syria
Somini Sengupta

nytimes.com, April 16, 2015

...Syria After Four Years of Mayhem

A four-year conflict has dismembered Syria, inflaming the region with one of the world’s worst religious and sectarian wars. Most of its major cities are in shambles, and more than 200,000 people have been killed. Nearly half of Syria’s residents have been forced to flee their homes.

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“We need an attribution mechanism so we know precisely who carried out these attacks,” she said.

The United States, along with its allies Britain and France, has accused the Syrian government of dropping chlorine-filled bombs — “only the Assad regime has helicopters,” Ms. Power said Thursday — though Russia says there is insufficient evidence. It has been impossible to establish independently who is responsible, and the Council is likely to continue to face that problem. No one so far has been assigned the task of figuring out who was behind the attacks....

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Column one: American Jewry's moment of decision
Caroline B. Glick

jpost.com, April 16, 2015

US President walking into the White House.
(photo:White House Photo/Pete Souza)

This week in two meetings with prominent American Jews, President Barack Obama threw down the gauntlet. Either the Jews of America will rise to the challenge or they will allow Obama to marginalize them.

It is their choice, and now is the time for them to decide.

In the first meeting, Obama met with centrist Jewish leaders from major Jewish organizations like the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations, the Anti-Defamation League and AIPAC. Major donors to these groups, like to almost every other major Jewish organization in America, are largely Democrats.

According to The Washington Post, the purpose of the meeting was “to defuse antagonism toward [Obama] and to convince [Jewish leaders] that he shares their concerns about the safety of Israel and the threat of a nuclear-armed Iran.”

That is, the main goal of the meeting was to silence Jewish criticism of Obama’s deal with Iran.

So far, Obama seems to have accomplished that goal.

Although, according to a source who spoke to The Algemeiner, the atmosphere at the meeting was “ungiving, very stern and tense.” Since the meeting took place, none of the leaders who participated has openly criticized Obama’s policies regarding Iran. Their silence comes despite the fact that, according to the participants who spoke with The Algemeiner, Obama did not allay the concerns they expressed regarding the dangers his nuclear deal with Iran constitute for Israel....

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The Other Face of Terrorism
Raheel Raza

gatestoneinstitute.org, April 18, 2015

...What do these three groups, Boko Haram, the Taliban and ISIS, which are terrorizing our world today, have in common?

  • They are Islamists touting political Islam over the spiritual message and looking for political power and hegemony in the Muslim world

  • Their ideology is: We are the only ones who know the truth; we will lead and others should follow without questioning our tactics, and only then will they find salvation (perhaps a few virgins thrown in for fun); The West is evil and we will teach them a lesson; our ideology must engulf the Muslim world with the establishment of a Caliphate.

  • They work on creating terror among their victims by using tactics of intimidation and threats both physical and emotional.

  • As they operate in countries where there is little accountability or law enforcement, they are able to get away with acts of violence and terror, mostly against women and minorities.

Those of us living comfortable lives in North America, sometimes think that this is all happening "out there somewhere," and that we are safe from these terrorists. We live in a country where we embrace liberal democracy, gender equality, freedom of speech and individual freedoms, so we naïvely think that everyone who comes here has the same values. Wrong. Those are the very values that the terrorists abhor, as they tell us time and again....

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Saddam's former right hand man, key factor in rise of Islamic State, killed by Iraqi forces
Robert Spencer

jihadwatch.org, April 17, 2015

UPDATE: Rudaw has now altered its report to remove all mention of suicide bombing. Now it says al-Douri was killed by Iraqi forces.


The BBC reports that “Al-Douri, 72, led the Naqshbandi Order insurgent group, a key force behind the recent rise of Islamic State (IS).” The Naqshbandi Order is a Sufi group — a salient detail for those of you who believe that the Sufis are peaceful and eschew violent jihad. Al-Douri was also a key leader of the Baath Party, which was nominally secular. Many Western analysts assume that there is a vast gulf between Baathists and Islamic jihadists, but given the nature of Iraqi society, it was inevitable that the Baath Party under Saddam would be filled with people who would have preferred to live under Sharia, and who took the opportunity to pursue that goal once Saddam was gone....

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