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What You Can’t See on the UN’s Maps of Gaza
YouTube video - 01:36 (Aug 25, 2014)

Op-Ed: Why Peace Failed
Col. Kemp, former commander of British forces in Afghanistan, speaks on self-defense and war crimes.
YouTube video - 34:08 (Aug 18, 2014)

90 Seconds of Truth about Hamas.
YouTube video - 01:30 (Aug 17, 2014)
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Contents: (summaries below)
  1. Muslim cleric justifies Islamic State beheadings: 'Islam is a religion of beheading', Jihad Watch, Robert Spencer
  2. When will the US, Europe wake up to the threat of radical Islam?, pukhtunkhwatimes.blogspot.com, Ben Caspit
  3. Op-Ed: Why Peace Failed, Arutz Sheva, Prof. Louis Ren Beres
  4. The road to a ceasefire is via Rafah, Ynet News, Ron Ben-Yishai
  5. COLUMN ONE: Understanding the Israeli-Egyptian-Saudi alliance, The Jerusalem Post, Caroline B. Glick
  6. If ISIS Attacks Again, What Will U.S. Do?, Townhall, Cal Thomas
  7. An American-Led Coalition Can Defeat ISIS, online.wsj.com, Jack Keane and Danielle Pletka

Muslim cleric justifies Islamic State beheadings: 'Islam is a religion of beheading'
Robert Spencer

Jihad Watch, August 25, 2014

Pictured left:  Militia fighters in Aleppo Syria

Hussein bin Mahmoud invokes Qur’an 47:4: “When you meet the unbelievers, strike the necks…” It would be refreshing if Barack Obama or the Archbishop of Brisbane or one of the many other non-Muslim authorities who have insisted that the Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam would explain how he is misunderstanding that verse. But it is doubtful that they even know that such a verse exists in the Qur’an.

“Jihadi Cleric Justifies IS Beheadings: ‘Islam Is A Religion Of Beheading,’” MEMRI, August 26, 2014 (thanks to Pamela Geller):

In a recent article, jihadi cleric Hussein bin Mahmoud, a prominent writer on jihadi forums, expressed support for the beheading of American journalist James Foley by a member of the Islamic State (IS). Bin Mahmoud wrote that beheading was an effective way to terrorize the enemies of Islam, and stressed that, under Islamic law, Foley was a harbi, i.e. a non-Muslim whose life was not protected by an agreement of protection. He argued further that Islam allows and encourages such acts, since it is a religion of war and fighting....

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When will the US, Europe wake up to the threat of radical Islam?
Ben Caspit

pukhtunkhwatimes.blogspot.com, August 22, 2014

On Aug. 19, Israel attempted to assassinate the “head of the snake” — Mohammed Deif, commander of Hamas’ military wing. As I’m writing this (on Aug. 21), it remains unclear whether the attempt succeeded. Hamas denies Deif was harmed. But there are growing indications to suggest that Deif was indeed inside the bombed building in Gaza City's Sheik Radwan neighborhood. If he was inside, there’s no way he could have survived the attack. All that was left of this multistory building is a pile of rubble. Unlike the past, this time Israel had no second thoughts about which armament to use. The building was razed with one-ton bombs to ensure that if Deif was inside, he would stand no chance of survival.

Two days later, in the early morning hours of Aug. 21, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) killed three other senior Hamas militants — Mohammed Abu Shamalah, Raed al-Attar and Mohammed Barhum. Shamalah was said to be the chief of Hamas’ “southern command,” whereas Attar was the equivalent of a brigade commander.

Is this the victory photo that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had been waiting for? Is this the tiebreaker that will finally force Hamas to fold and end the current round of hostilities without having scored any significant achievements? We will find out in the coming days....

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Op-Ed: Why Peace Failed
Prof. Louis Ren Beres

Arutz Sheva, August 23, 2014

There are many specific and discoverable reasons to explain the failure of the “Middle East Peace Process.” Most obvious, at least to anyone who cares to look, has been de facto Palestinian Arab insistence on a one-state solution (Israel is identified on all Arab maps as "occupied Palestine"), and on the corollary pattern of relentless Arab terror. Some related reasons for persistent diplomatic failure concern Palestinian Arab intransigence on the so-called "right of return," and a plainly injurious pattern of calculated Arab incitement.

Significantly, the seemingly-benign right of return actually represents a prima facie rejection of Israel's physical existence as a state.

Yet another important reason behind failure of the Peace Process is much less widely recognized or understood.

This particular reason has to do with certain repeated Palestinian Authority violations of international criminal law, most critically, the “peremptory” or "incontrovertible" jurisprudential obligation to extradite wanted terrorists.

From Oslo’s beginnings, on September 13, 1993, the Palestinian Authority. inter alia, steadfastly refused to honor its codified agreement to extradite Arab terrorists to Israel. But even if the Oslo Agreements had not contained very explicit and unambiguous provisions for terrorist extradition, the PA would still have been bound to surrender or prosecute terrorist murderers according to the more general and customary rules of international criminal law....

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The road to a ceasefire is via Rafah
Ron Ben-Yishai

Ynet News, August 25, 2014

...There are three ways to beat Hamas:

1. Disproportionate death and destruction that would force Hamas to stop fighting. Putin uses this pattern to subdue the Chechens and to compel the Chechen faction loyal to him. But to do so, he wrought complete physical destruction of the Chechen capital Grozny and the surrounding villages. I was there – and there is no stone left unturned. We cannot do that without the international community reacting furiously.

2. A relatively long war of attrition that would not result in disproportionate destruction but would cause certain processes developing in Gaza right now to ripen. Hamas would ultimately have to take notice of the feelings of the Gazans, but this may well take a long time. During that time Israel would suffer and on our side too there would be unexpected developments.

3. The full or partial reoccupation of the Gaza Strip in a broad and enduring ground operation that would force Hamas members to stop fighting and go into hiding. The problem is that such an action, even if conducted quickly and without too many casualties among the troops, would nonetheless require the army to leave a considerable force in the Strip, deploy the Shin Bet to the area and work slowly but surely to uproot Hamas from the ground up. This would take at least a year....

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COLUMN ONE: Understanding the Israeli-Egyptian-Saudi alliance
Caroline B. Glick

The Jerusalem Post, August 21, 2014

The partnership that has emerged in this war between Israel, Egypt and Saudi Arabia is a direct consequence of Obama’s abandonment of the US’s traditional allies.

Cease fire talks in Cairo (Photo: Reuters)

Hamas’s war with Israel is not a stand-alone event. It is happening in the context of the vast changes that are casting asunder old patterns of behavior and strategic understandings as actors in the region begin to reassess the threats they face.

Hamas was once funded by Saudi Arabia and enabled by Egypt. Now the regimes of these countries view it as part of a larger axis of Sunni jihad that threatens not only Israel, but them.

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and its state sponsors Qatar and Turkey, are the key members of this alliance structure. Without their support Hamas would have gone down with the Muslim Brotherhood regime in Egypt last summer. As it stands, all view Hamas’s war with Israel as a means of reinstating the Brotherhood to power in that country.

To achieve a Hamas victory, Turkey, Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood are using Western support for Hamas against Israel. If the US and the EU are able to coerce Egypt and Israel to open their borders with Gaza, then the Western powers will hand the jihadist axis a strategic victory....

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If ISIS Attacks Again, What Will U.S. Do?
Cal Thomas

Townhall, August 26, 2014

What about American cities? If ISIS attacks one or more U.S. cities, as it has threatened to do, what then? We can't bomb ourselves. How would we counter a nosedive in the stock market or the ensuing chaos and fear?

The U.S. and Europe are vulnerable because of a false belief that we can somehow "convert" ideological and religious fundamentalists into pluralistic, tolerant people by exposing them to our way of life. So we let them into our nations. They build mosques, often with funding from Saudi Arabia, which practices and teaches a radical brand of Islam known as Wahhabism, and allow them to set up Islamic schools, at least some of which teach hatred of Jews, Christians and Western values.

France has seen its Muslim population explode to more than 8 million, and growing, according to the Gatestone Institute. It is the same in other European nations. While not all of these immigrants are terrorists, no doubt terrorists immigrated along with those looking for a better life, or were radicalized after arriving. Many Muslim immigrants have lived in isolation from Western cultures and values which their faith has taught them to hate....

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An American-Led Coalition Can Defeat ISIS
Jack Keane and Danielle Pletka

online.wsj.com, August 24, 2014

...First, the political challenge: The Islamic State, like its predecessor al Qaeda in Iraq and al Qaeda itself, has its roots in the swamp of Arab political life. Extremists gain a purchase because the region's leaders have delivered so little to the hundreds of millions over whom they rule. The Obama administration appeared to recognize this problem when it demanded the ouster of former Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, who had estranged the nation's Sunni tribes, leading some to welcome ISIS from Syria.

A Kurdish Peshmerga fighting ISIS near Mosul in Iraq, Aug. 18. (Agence France-Presse/Getty Images)

Regional leaders are aware of these problems and exploit them through proxy wars in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya and the Palestinian territories. This is a recipe for endless conflict, and those leaders should be forced into a dialogue to resolve grievances and develop a regional strategy to defeat ISIS, al Qaeda and their ideological brethren.

Only the United States has the clout to convene such a summit. Only the U.S. can demand real change, and only the U.S can offer security reassurances to turn the political tide in the Middle East.

In particular, the time has come to confront the government of Qatar, which funds and arms ISIS and other Islamist terrorist groups such as Hamas. The tiny Gulf potentate has never had to choose between membership in the civilized world or continuing its sponsorship of regional killers. The U.S. has the most leverage. We have alternatives to our Combined Air and Operations Center in Doha, the al Udeid air base, other bases and prepositioned materiel. We should tell Qatar to end its support for terrorism or we leave....

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