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Israeli Dad starts biotech to save his little boy
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HAMAS Official Mahmoud Al-Zahhar: Arafat Provided Us with Weapons to Carry Out Attacks
In an interview with the Hamas-owned Al-Aqsa TV channel, Hamas leader and former PA foreign minister Mahmoud Al-Zahhar said that when Yasser Arafat reached the conclusion that the Camp David negotiations were futile, he provided weapons for Hamas to carry out operations.
YouTube video - 01:54 (Dec 17, 2014)

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Contents: (summaries below)
  1. Hamas and PA attacking Israel on two fronts, Netanyahu charges, Times of Israel , Times of Israel staff
  2. EU Gives Hamas Green Light to Attack Israel, gatestoneinstitute.org, Khaled Abu Toameh
  3. Israel Boosting Golan Heights Forces in Response to Rising ISIS Threats, algemeiner.com, Dave Bender
  4. What Part of Keeping Cuba Isolated Has Not 'Worked'?, pjmedia.com, Andrew C. McCarthy
  5. Nigeria: Islamic jihadists take elderly people to schools, open fire, murder 50, jihadwatch.org, Robert Spencer
  6. Sony's Surrender to Terror, aish.com, Rabbi Benjamin Blech
  7. President Signs Defense Authorization Bill Barring Terrorists from U.S. Soil, Press Release, John Boehner (R-OH)

Hamas and PA attacking Israel on two fronts, Netanyahu charges
Times of Israel staff

Times of Israel , December 21, 2014

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lumped together unilateral diplomatic moves by the Palestinian Authority and rocket fire from Gaza terror groups Sunday, saying they added up to Israel being attacked simultaneously on two fronts.

Netanyahu called on “those responsible in the international community” to reject the Palestinians’ petition to the UN Security Council for an Israeli withdrawal from lands captured in 1967, speaking a day after reports surfaced that a political rival had told Washington letting the bid go through would help Netanyahu at the polls.

The prime minister also accused the PA of attempting to undermine Israel’s very existence, and asserted that Ramallah hoped to deprive the Jewish state of the ability to ensure its own security....

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EU Gives Hamas Green Light to Attack Israel
Khaled Abu Toameh

gatestoneinstitute.org, December 22, 2014

Less than 48 hours after a top European Union court ruled that Hamas should be removed from the bloc's list of terrorist groups, supporters of the Palestinian Islamist movement responded by firing a rocket at Israel. The attack, which did not cause any casualties or damage, did not come as a surprise.

Buoyed by the EU court's ruling, Hamas leaders and spokesmen see it as a "political and legal achievement" and a "big victory" for the "armed struggle" against Israel.

Musa Abu Marzouk, a top Hamas leader, issued a statement thanking the EU court for its decision. He hailed the decision to remove his movement from the terrorist list as a "victory for all those who support the Palestinian right to resistance."

When Hamas leaders talk about "resistance," they are referring to terrorist attacks, such as the launching of rockets and suicide bombings against Israel. In other words, Hamas has interpreted the court's decision as a green light to carry out fresh attacks as part of its ambition to destroy Israel....

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Israel Boosting Golan Heights Forces in Response to Rising ISIS Threats
Dave Bender

algemeiner.com, December 21, 2014

...Lebanon-based NOW Media recently reported that the country’s military forces are bracing for an ISIS onslaught via Mt. Qalamoun to attack units of the Lebanon-based Hezbollah terror group which are aligned with the forces of Syria’s Assad.

“Al-Nusra Front and ISIS’s plan warns of a black winter and bad days ahead in Baalbek and Hermel,” sources told the outlet, referring to two threatened border areas.

Both terrorist groups have clashed repeatedly in recent months, in attempts to wrestle control of the strategic hilltop which overlooks Lebanese territory, as well as in several other areas along the border between the two countries.

On Dec. 6th, Jordanian monarch King Abdullah told CBS News that battling the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria and other terrorist groups is “our third world war.”

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What Part of Keeping Cuba Isolated Has Not 'Worked'?
Andrew C. McCarthy

pjmedia.com, December 18, 2014

...Similarly, Section 6006 enables the president to provide humanitarian aid (food, medicine, and medical supplies) to Cuba … provided he represents to Congress that the Cuban government

(1) has made a public commitment to hold free and fair elections for a new government within 6 months and is proceeding to implement that decision;

(2) has made a public commitment to respect, and is respecting, internationally recognized human rights and basic democratic freedoms; and

(3) is not providing weapons or funds to any group, in any other country, that seeks the violent overthrow of the government of that country.

In other words, it has been American policy for decades – the policy Obama says does not “work” – that the United States may and should provide significant aid as long as Cuba, in return, stops terrorizing its citizens, respects basic human and civil rights, respects democratic freedoms, refrains from arming terrorists and insurrectionists, liberalizes its economy, establishes a free press, and lays the groundwork for free and fair elections.

So, if that hasn’t “worked” to encourage Cuban reform, what is the president suggesting will “work”? Giving Cuba aid and legitimacy without requiring the regime to change? Why would we want to give an American taxpayer dime to, or help legitimize in any way, a regime that rejects these basic elements of a civilized society?...

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Nigeria: Islamic jihadists take elderly people to schools, open fire, murder 50
Robert Spencer

jihadwatch.org, December 20, 2014

Working to “strike terror into the hearts of the enemies of Allah” (Qur’an 8:60).

“Extremists in Nigeria Lining up Elderly and Shooting Them,” by Haruna Umar, Associated Press, December 20, 2014:

Islamic extremists in northeast Nigeria are turning their guns on elderly people, killing more than 50 this week in a new tactic that has instilled more fear in areas the militants call an Islamic caliphate.

Residents from five villages say people too elderly to flee Gwoza local government area are being rounded up and taken to two schools where the militants open fire on them. The villages are about 130 kilometers (80 miles) southeast of Maiduguri, the Borno state capital....

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Sony's Surrender to Terror
Rabbi Benjamin Blech

aish.com, December 20, 2014

...From the sublime to the ridiculous, recent headlines capture the incredible possibilities for Muslim anger: Beauty pageants; sale of pork products; the letter X; the number 39; the story of the three little pigs; the Apple store on Fifth Avenue; the bottoms of shoes; the Pope; Mickey Mouse; Barbie dolls; neckties; music on radio stations, in taxicabs, on elevators and on public transportation vehicles; a Vermont restaurant which posted a sign depicting bacon; a football stadium where the chanting of “USA, USA” by fans was considered offensive; as well as the parents of a 15-month-old autistic baby riding on a bus who started singing the theme song from Peppa Pig to keep their child happy during the ride and were then aggressively approached by a Muslim woman in a jihab, who was upset over their song choice – after which, in order to “keep the peace” parents and child were then forced to get off the bus!

Burger King will be withdrawing and changing the logo for its ice cream cups because, if one looks very closely and has a good imagination, the logo appeared to some Muslims to look sort of like the word Allah in Arabic if it was viewed from just the right angle. Not wanting to offend, Burger King caved in.

And that is how we begin to lose the American way of life.

The aftermath of North Korea’s “victory” over Sony needs to serve as a dramatic wake-up call. The greatest enemy of civilization is appeasement to evil. Those who threaten violence cannot be allowed victory simply because we fear to confront their challenge. That is a lesson history has taught us many times over and the bitter truth is, as Santayana well put it, “those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it.”

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President Signs Defense Authorization Bill Barring Terrorists from U.S. Soil
John Boehner (R-OH)

Press Release, December 19, 2014

WASHINGTON, DC – House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) released the following statement after President Obama signed into law the bipartisan FY2015 Defense Authorization Act (H.R. 3979):

“The bipartisan bill the president signed today helps keep Americans safe by providing our military the resources and authorities it needs to confront the threats we, and our allies, face at home and abroad.  It also prevents terrorists held at Guantanamo Bay from being transported to U.S. soil, a move that would be both dangerous and deeply unpopular with the American people.  House Republicans will continue to do all we can to protect our national security and support our men and women in uniform, and look forward to working with the president to do the same.”

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