Wednesday, February 21st, was the first hearing of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Iranian sanctions and it is the first hearing of the new Republican-led Congress.

Republicans worry that the Iranians are just buying time so they can continue enhancing their nuclear programs. Freshman Republican Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas has gone so far as to call the negotiations a “dangerous farce.” Republicans and some Democrats argue that having more sanctions lying in wait would push Iran to make more concessions at the negotiating table.

Kirk and Menendez are working hard to muster the 67 votes they would need in the Senate to override an Obama veto. A vote could occur as early as next month.

“The Iranian parliament has to weigh in on any deal they do, so you would think that the United States Congress would want to weigh in on one of the biggest issues that affects our nation’s security,” said Republican Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee, the new chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

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Dear Senator/Congressman:

U.S. security depends on verifiable elimination of Iran’s nuclear-weapons and ballistic-missile programs. Unfortunately, the Obama administration is likely to accept a deal leaving in place a substantial Iranian nuclear-weapons infrastructure, including uranium-enrichment capability, long-range ballistic missiles and the ability to deploy a rudimentary nuclear force on short notice. A course correction that only Congress can effect is urgently needed. The future of the U.S. and all democratic nations is at stake.

Iran cannot be allowed to complete its development of nuclear weapons.  While talks continue, Iran continues to move forward increasing their nuclear capabilities. I do not believe that this oil rich, Islamic extremist country is developing nuclear power for peaceful purposes. Let's not forget the ongoing “Death to Israel” and “Death to America” chants. In addition, once Iran has nuclear capability for possible energy needs, the Iranians could use their oil as a weapon to control countries in the Middle East and beyond.

CONGRESS MUST ACT NOW!  Congress should insist that any Iranian agreement takes the form of a treaty. A treaty ratified by the Senate has the force and effect of law. Congress should pass legislation now clearly stating the parameters of an acceptable nuclear deal with Iran, emphasizing the need to eliminate any possibility that Iran can quickly build nuclear weapons.


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