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We say to the Obama Administration, "Stop pressuring Israel into a 'solution' which threatens its security and will not bring peace." We join with the US Congress to end the Presidential waiver on the 1995 Jerusalem Embassy Act and say, "Move the US Embassy to its rightful place in the eternal capital of Israel, Jerusalem!"

Israel’s Legal Right to the Land

Dr. Jacques P. Gauthier is a Canadian lawyer whose life's work has been devoted to a thesis proving the legitimacy of the Jewish claim to Jerusalem under international law. In his first ever presentation to a Christian audience, this thorough analysis of the Jewish people's legal claim to their capital was given at the ICEJ's Feast of Tabernacles celebration of 2010.


On April 25th, 1920 after WWI, the Supreme Council of Allied Powers met in San Remo, Italy to decide the future boundaries of the Middle East. Although none of the overall boundaries have been altered since then, many false arguments have arisen in opposition to these firmly established precedents.

The 1920 decision of the Supreme Council of the Principal Allied Powers, Britain, France, Japan, Italy (with the US not present but in full agreement) is legally binding to this day.

Especially in light of the ongoing efforts to secure statehood by Fatah leadership, the 1920 San Remo Conference must be fully taken into account. The Palestinian Authority's end-run action at the UN was designed to avoid legal negotiations with the already sovereign State of Israel. San Remo-based International law stands firmly on the side of Israel and against any Palestinian Authority or UN declarations.

Israel's Legal Right To Judea, Samaria and All of Jerusalem
Based on International Law.

Component Parts of International Law:
1. Balfour Declaration
2. Paris Peace Accords
3. San Remo Resolution
4. League of Nations Covenant
5. British Mandate for Palestine

The Legal Case for Israel by Professor Eugene Kontorovich


Important Resources:

PDF of the actual minutes of the San Remo Peace Conference in Italy, April 24-25, 1920.

Eli E. Hertz has produced this overview, This Land is My Land (PDF).

Professor Howard Grief explains how UN Resolution 242 breaks international law laid down at San Remo, Italy. Click to download (PDF).

A May 14, 1920, newspaper reflecting the jubilance of Jews over the decision at San Remo.

Please visit the European Coalition for Israel website and share this link with your friends -

Long-time friend of UCI and Middle East Correspondent for CBN, Chris Mitchell, produced this video at the 90 year anniversary of the San Remo, Italy event.

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Old Europe Pushes Iran Deal on Capitol Hil

ObamaObama is enlisting the ambassadors of the UK, France and Germany to sell the agreement to Congress. They cut a stylish swath through Capitol Hill: a distinguished Brit, a dapper Frenchman with colorful pocket squares and a floppy-haired German in black-framed glasses.

As the Obama administration steps up its campaign to sell the Iran nuclear deal on Capitol Hill, it has enlisted a crucial ally in Europe’s top ambassadors to Washington.

Obama officials flooding Congress to sell the pact are now working in tandem with ambassadors from the three European nations — Great Britain, France and Germany — that also signed off on the July 14 agreement. The diplomatic trio, whose countries are known together as the “E3,” echo administration talking points and parries specific concerns from skeptical members of Congress. They also push a signature message: that the Iran deal is an international agreement, not just the handiwork of a Democratic president scorned by the GOP.

“We think it’s important that people who will vote on the bill understand that it’s not just about this administration and the Iranian government. The other governments who …

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The Syria Sham and the Iran Deal

The Syria Sham and the Iran DealSyria cheated on its chemical commitments. Iran will cheat on its nuclear ones. Obama provides cover for both. Once upon a time Barack Obama chose multilateral diplomacy over military action for the sake of ridding a dangerous Middle Eastern regime of its weapons of mass destruction. The critics mocked and raged and muttered, but everything worked out well and now the only thing that’s missing is someone who will give the president credit.

Or so Mr. Obama would like you to believe.

“You’ll recall that that was the previous end of my presidency,” Mr. Obama told the New Yorker’s David Remnick of his September 2013 deal to get Syria’s Bashar Assad to hand over his WMD stockpile, “until it turned out that we are actually getting all the chemical weapons. And no one reports on that anymore.”

Nor were these the only hosannas the president and his advisers sang to themselves for the Syria deal. “With 92.5% of the declared chemical weapons out of the country,” said Susan Rice in May 2014, the U.S. had achieved more than any “number of airstrikes that might have been contemplated would have done.” John Kerry also boasted of his diplomatic prowess in a March 2015 speech: “We cut a deal and were able to get all the chemical weapons out of Syria in the middle of the conflict.”

And there was Mr. Obama again, at a Camp David press conference in May: “Assad gave up his chemical weapons. That’s not speculation on our part. That, in fact, has been confirmed by the organization internationally …

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Iran Deal's Moniz: 24-Day Wait Won't Hinder Nuclear Inspectors

Iran Deal's MonizA provision in the nuclear deal reached with Iran that allows the Middle Eastern country up to 24 days before teams can inspect nuclear facilities has come under fire from the deal's opponents, but Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz said Monday that the time period is sufficient to detect nuclear activity.

“Regarding the 24 days, we're very confident that activities involving nuclear materials will be detectable,” the nuclear physicist, who was part of the United States' negotiations team in the Vienna talks, told MSNBC's “Morning Joe” program.

“In fact, in 2003, exactly that happened,” he said. “Iran denied some nuclear activities in Tehran. The International [Atomic Energy] Agency finally got access after six months, and they found uranium and caught them red-handed.”

Moniz further said that it's important to distinguish between Iran's declared nuclear sites, “where we know they have nuclear activity, where we have daily access or more precisely, the international inspectors have daily access,” as compared to “undeclared sites where our or other intelligence agencies point us to suspicious activity.”

In the case of the undeclared sites, Moniz said, the agreement establishes “for the first time a finite time period for Iran, or any other country for that matter, to respond to the allegations, provide the access, or be in material breach.”

The 24-day period breaks down by allowing a 14-day period for the IAEA to determine if …

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Iran Deal Worth More Than All U.S. Aid to Israel Since 1948

Iran DealThe Iran deal will provide Iran with a cash windfall as sanctions are eased and assets are unfrozen. The total amount is estimated to be as high as $150 billion. If so, the Iran deal would give more cash to Iran than the $124.3 billion U.S. has given in total aid to Israel since 1948.

The exact amount that Iran would gain through the unfreezing of its foreign assets is a matter of some dispute. The Israeli ambassador has put the number at $150 billion; the Obama administration puts the number at $50 billion, since some of Iran’s assets “have already been obligated, including for projects with China,” the New York Times reports. Others say the number is higher; Foreign Policy estimated the number at “north of $120 billion,” with an additional $20 billion per year in oil revenues, making the deal worth $420 billion over 15 years.

If “north of $120 billion” is the best estimate, that would equal or surpass the total amount of U.S. aid to Israel since the country has been in existence, which the Congressional Research Service calculated to be $124.3 billion (in nominal terms) as of 2015. Even at the Obama administration’s low estimate, the cash freed to Iran by the deal would surpass total U.S. aid to Israel for the past 15 years, at minimum (roughly $3 billion per year).

It is true that the cash that Iran will access is “their own money,” as Secretary of State John Kerry has argued. Yet much of Israel’s aid is spent back in the U.S.–at least 75 percent of military aid, by law. In that sense, a large proportion of aid to Israel comes back as “our money” as well. Iran, of course, is not obligated to spend any of its foreign currency in the United States, and is certain to spend some of it on its terrorist proxies throughout the Middle East, as even the White House has conceded.

Given how controversial aid to Israel has become on the left (and portions of the right), the sheer scale of Iran’s benefits ought to give pause to supporters of the deal.

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Iran Deal: $150 Billion to Fund Obama's War

Iran DealIn 1947, U.S. President Truman made history by launching the Marshall Plan, sending $13 billion (about $140 billion in today's dollars) to help rebuild post-war Europe, in order to prevent Western Europe from falling to Communist expansion.

Today President Obama is trying to make history through an Iranian nuclear deal that will give an astounding $150 billion of sanctions relief to a regime that was in 2014 considered by the U.S. Department of State, along with Sudan and Syria, one of the world's leading sponsors of terrorism.

The Marshall Plan was spread out over 17 countries that were U.S. allies and considered critical in the long struggle that would put Soviet communism on the “ash-heap of history,” in the words of President Ronald Reagan.

Under the President Obama's disastrous Iran nuclear deal, $150 billion would go to a single regime that has been a state sponsor of terrorism for the entire 36 years of its existence. $150 billion is an enormous amount of money to the Iranian regime, whose failed statist economic policies, ongoing expansionism and internal mismanagement — not even to speak of its horrifying human rights record in imprisonments, torture, and widespread executions — have led to a stagnant economy.

How might Iran spend the $150 billion? Iran has brutally cracked down on dissent in its own country. It brutally imprisoned, tortured, and murdered those in …

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Part One: Population and the True Number of Converts.

…The Pew Research Center gave the following figures for converts in 2007:

More than three-quarters (77%) of Muslim Americans say they have always been a Muslim, while 23% say they converted to Islam. Nine-in-10 (91%) converts to Islam were born in the United States, and almost three-fifths (59%) of converts to Islam are African American.

A 55% majority of converts identify with Sunni Islam and another quarter (24%) identify with no specific tradition. Only 6% of Muslim converts in America identify themselves as Shia.

Almost half (49%) of Muslim converts in America report that their conversion occurred when they were under 21 years of age, another third (34%) converted when they were between ages 21 and 35, and 17% when they were older than 35. The early age of most conversions to Islam resembles the typical pattern of conversion in the general public, where religious change is concentrated in adolescence and early adulthood.

Two-thirds (67%) of all converts to Islam in the U.S. came from Protestant churches,10% came from Catholicism, and just 5% from other religions. Nearly one-in-seven converts to Islam (15%) had no religion before their conversion.

Most converts to Islam (58%) cite aspects of the religion as the reason for their conversion. These include references to the truth or appeal of Islam’s teachings, the belief that Islam is superior to Christianity, or that the religion just “made sense” to them. Just 18% of converts mentioned family reasons, such as marrying a Muslim, as the reason for their conversion. [11]…

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Proselytizing for and whitewashing Islam in…Teen Vogue

Over at, I discuss yet another sly exercise in Islamic proselytizing slipped into a forum that would have no space for a similar presentation from any other religious group:

Teen Vogue is just that: a magazine for teenage girls. Articles featured on its front page today include “Justin Bieber and Sam Smith Are Already Listening to Tori Kelly’s New Album, and You Should Be, Too”; “The 35 Coolest Back-to-School Backpacks”; “7 Desserts That Require No Baking At All”; “The Complete Guide to Washing Your Makeup Brushes — Yes, You Need To”; and the immortal “I Understand My Period, But What’s Coming Out Of Me The Other Three Weeks of the Month?” In that company, “10 Misconceptions About Islam That Muslim Americans Are Tired of Hearing” stands out like Hillary Clinton at a Tea Party meeting, and manifests the indefatigable determination of Muslims to proselytize anywhere and everywhere they can, as well as the naive multiculturalism of Leftist publishers and editors who give them a platform to speak positively about their religion that they would never offer to Jews or Christians or any other religious group.

This piece, like so many others of its kind, packages its proselytizing in the guise of clearing up “misconceptions” that people supposedly have about Islam, and follows the pattern of other articles like it in presenting some “misconceptions” that no one really holds and are entirely innocuous anyway amidst others that are more or less straight proselytizing and outright deception designed to keep Americans — even those far more concerned about Kendall Jenner and Katy Perry than about Mohammad Abdulazeez and Usaama Rahim — ignorant and complacent about the jihad threat….

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Report: Iran Threat of Genocide Against Israel Could Hinder Lifting of International Sanctions

Iran’s threat of genocide by calling for the eradication of the Jewish state of Israel could complicate the removal of certain international sanctions against the Islamic Republic, an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal on Monday revealed.

The U.N. Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide obligates signatories to prevent all forms and threats of genocide, which recent calls by Iranian military and political officials for the destruction of Israel clearly seem to contradict.

And since a nuclear payload delivered by intercontinental ballistic missiles are the Iranian regime’s most logical tool to execute its apparent genocidal ambitions, lifting sanctions against its missiles program after eight years, as the recently agreed nuclear deal stipulates, without any sort of Iranian disavowal of seeking to destroy the Jewish state would appear to belie international law on preventing genocide.

Lifting U.S. sanctions against Iran’s central bank could also prove difficult, influential attorneys David B. Rivkin Jr. and Lee A. Casey contended in the WSJ piece, because these sanctions cannot be waived until the president has declared Iran “has stopped its ballistic-missile program, ceased money-laundering and no longer sponsors international terrorism.”…

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Turkey and U.S. Plan to Create Syria 'Safe Zone' Free of ISIS

The Incirlik Air Base in southern Turkey on Monday. Turkey and the United States agreed on a plan that would create what officials are calling an Islamic State-free zone, which the Turks say could also be a “safe zone” for displaced Syrians.
(Credit Murad Sezer/Reuters)

BAGHDAD — Turkey and the United States have agreed in general terms on a plan that envisions American warplanes, Syrian insurgents and Turkish forces working together to sweep Islamic State militants from a 60-mile-long strip of northern Syria along the Turkish border, American and Turkish officials say.

The plan would create what officials from both countries are calling an Islamic State-free zone controlled by relatively moderate Syrian insurgents, which the Turks say could also be a “safe zone” for displaced Syrians….

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