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Declare Your Freedom -
Excellent video addressing antisemitism and anti-Israel movement on college campuses.
YouTube video - 03:22 (Sept 23, 2014)

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Watch: Netanyahu Responds to "Chickensh**t" Attack
Thank God for the intelligent, unwavering leadership of Prime Minister Netanyahu. 
See article #5 for more information.

YouTube video - 02:13 (Oct 29, 2014)

Part 2: Rasmieh Odeh's Victims
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WATCH: New ISIS Spokesman -
an Australian Teen Issues Warning

A new highly produced propaganda video shows a 17-year-old boy from Australia who has become the latest spokesman for ISIS. See the newest ISIS warning in the video. 
See article #3 for more information

YouTube video - 06:30 (Oct 22, 2014)

Christian priest tells UN: "Israel is the only Mideast country not persecuting Christians"
YouTube video - 04:09 (Oct 29, 2014)
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Contents: (summaries below)
  1. Qatar Offers Cash to Pay Some Staff in Gaza Strip, The New York Times, Fares Akram and Jodi Rudoren
  2. Defeating ISIS: With Whose Boots on the Ground?, The Atlantic, Graham Allison
  3. ISIS Teen CRISIS: Jihadist Recruitment of American Kids, United with Israel, Aryeh Savir
  4. Jerusalem unrest, Times of Israel, Lazar Berman and AP
  5. Obama, Not Bibi, Created U.S.-Israel Crisis, Commentary Magazine, Jonathan S. Tobin
  6. International Law is Not a Suicide Pact, Arutz-7, Prof. Louis René Beres
  7. Germany: Silencing the Critics of Munich's Mega-Mosque, Gatestone Institute, Soeren Kern

Qatar Offers Cash to Pay Some Staff in Gaza Strip
Fares Akram and Jodi Rudoren

The New York Times, October 29, 2014

GAZA CITY — More than half the employees of the former Hamas government in the Gaza Strip will receive salaries this week for the first time in months, officials said Tuesday, addressing a major point of tension between Palestinian political factions that had threatened the reconciliation pact they signed this spring.

Mamoun Abu Shahla, the Palestinian Authority’s minister of labor, said Qatar had donated $30 million that would be distributed in the amount of $1,200 each to about 24,000 public workers, excluding the security forces, starting on Wednesday. Mr. Abu Shahla said that Robert F. Serry, the United Nations special coordinator for the Middle East peace process, had arranged the system, amid concerns that the Palestinian Authority’s direct involvement could lead to backlash from international donors, including the United States, that consider Hamas a terrorist organization.

The fate of Gaza’s government workers is a critical challenge for the Palestinian cabinet sworn in on June 2 after a pact in April meant to end seven years of schism between Hamas, the militant Islamist movement that has controlled Gaza since 2007, and Fatah, the more moderate secular faction that dominates the Palestinian Authority and the Palestine Liberation Organization....

Click here for the complete article. http://www.unitycoalitionforisrael.org/uci_2014/?p=12686

Defeating ISIS: With Whose Boots on the Ground?
Graham Allison

The Atlantic, October 27, 2014

(Damir Sagolj/Reuters)

President Obama’s strategy to “degrade and ultimately destroy” ISIS has become the target of heated criticism, not only from partisan opponents but from many of his supporters as well. Categorically ruling out American boots on the ground, while subcontracting the bloody job of house-to-house fighting to the Iraqi military, Free Syrian Army, and Kurdish Peshmerga, can only assure failure, critics argue.

These assessments fall into a familiar trap: assuming that what has been announced is the sum of the matter. Especially for admirers of the diplomatic sleights of hand practiced by Henry Kissinger or Jim Baker, neglecting the obvious when assessing the current strategy is unfair.

Americans know, as the saying goes, that politics makes strange bedfellows. Most forget, however, that wars can produce even more perverse partners. Facing Hitler’s Germany in World War II, what did the U.S. and Britain do? They allied with Stalin’s Communist Soviet Union. As British Prime Minister Winston Churchill explained, against Hitler he would make a pact with the Devil....

Click here for the complete article. http://www.unitycoalitionforisrael.org/uci_2014/?p=12687

ISIS Teen CRISIS: Jihadist Recruitment of American Kids
Aryeh Savir

United with Israel, October 29, 2014

Sweden’s security service announced last week that up to 150 people have left the country to join the Islamic State (IS or ISIS) terrorist group in the Middle East, AP reports. The service further announced that 23 of them were killed fighting as members of such terror groups.

Similar alarming reports are coming in from the U.S., Canada, Australia and many European countries. Germany has announced a ban on activities supporting IS, and Britain is prosecuting at least 50 British citizens who have returned from Syria.

A CIA report indicates that about 2,000 Westerners are estimated to have joined fighting in Iraq and Syria, with at least 500 from the UK, and more than 700 from France.

The atrocities committed by IS have produced horrifying headlines, propelling the terror group to an infamous place as a key threat to Western civilization. Furthermore, a fear that terrorists who have gained experience while fighting with IS will return to their countries of origin to establish grassroots terror networks concerns many security agencies around the world. Mehdi Nemmouche, a French citizen who had fought with IS and shot four people at the Jewish Museum in Brussels in May 2014, provides a stark warning of the potential terrorist threat to the West by people “just like us”....

Click here for the complete article. http://www.unitycoalitionforisrael.org/uci_2014/?p=12688

Jerusalem unrest
Lazar Berman and AP

Times of Israel, October 29, 2014

Israel’s UN ambassador defended construction in areas of Jerusalem over the Green Line on Wednesday, telling the Security Council that “the people of Israel are not occupiers and we are not settlers.”

“Israel is our home and Jerusalem is our eternal capital,” said Ron Prosor.

Prosor made his remarks at an emergency Security Council session called to address escalating tensions in Jerusalem. The council was meeting at the request of member Jordan on behalf of the Palestinians, who want all settlement activities to end.

“There are many threats in the Middle East, but the presence of Jewish homes in the Jewish homeland has never been one of them,” Prosor emphasized....

Click here for the complete article. http://www.unitycoalitionforisrael.org/uci_2014/?p=12689

Obama, Not Bibi, Created U.S.-Israel Crisis
Jonathan S. Tobin

Commentary Magazine, October 28, 2014

Since Barack Obama became president, The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg has been a reliable indicator of administration opinion about foreign-policy issues. Like some other journalists who can be counted on to support the president, he has been the recipient of some juicy leaks, especially when the White House wants to trash Israel’s government. But Goldberg and his “senior administration sources” reached a new low today when he published a piece in which those anonymous figures labeled Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu a “chickenshit” and a “coward.” The remarks are clearly not so much a warning to the Israelis to stop complaining about the U.S. push for appeasement of a nuclear Iran and the administration’s clueless approach to the conflict with the Palestinians. Rather the story is, as Goldberg rightly characterizes it, a genuine crisis in the relationship. That much is plain but where Goldberg and the talkative administration members are wrong is their belief that this is all Netanyahu’s fault. Their attacks on him are not only plainly false but are motivated by a desire to find an excuse that will be used to justify a drastic turn in U.S. foreign policy against Israel.

The administration critique of Netanyahu as a coward stems from its disgust with his failure to make peace with the Palestinians as well as their impatience with his criticisms of their zeal for a deal with Iran even if it means allowing the Islamist regime to become a threshold nuclear power. But this is about more than policy. The prickly Netanyahu is well known to be a tough guy to like personally even if you are one of his allies. But President Obama and his foreign-policy team aren’t just annoyed by the prime minister. They’ve come to view him as public enemy No. 1, using language about him and giving assessments of his policies that are far harsher than they have ever used against even avowed enemies of the United States, let alone one of its closest allies....

Click here for the complete article. http://www.unitycoalitionforisrael.org/uci_2014/?p=12690

International Law is Not a Suicide Pact
Prof. Louis René Beres

Arutz-7, October 29, 2014

For most observers of Middle Eastern affairs, irrespective of ideology, legal ignorance is the rule. In the specific matter of Israeli self-defense against terrorism, virtually everyone gets upset whenever the Jewish State seeks to protect its deliberately targeted civilians from grievous harms. This is the expectedly general reaction, even when Israel is repeatedly obligated to retaliate against openly indiscriminate rocket attacks from Gaza.

In an increasingly chaotic region of world politics, reassuringly rhythmic mantras have become a routine stand in for facts. Almost ritualistically, and as if to underscore that any lie, if repeated often enough, can be transformed into truth, all manner of  observers unhesitatingly lament Israeli "disproportionality." In certain circumstances, such lamentations lead quite directly to "lawfare." Here, Israel's determined enemies cheerfully augment their more usual resorts to terror-violence with characteristically propagandistic and fully complementary manipulations of international law.

But even the most sacred mantras may be subject to informed challenge. Significantly, international law is one of those layered and specialized subjects about which almost everyone is quick to offer a learned opinion, but where almost no one ever has any genuine knowledge. For example, and however counter-intuitive, the legal standard of "proportionality" defined by the law of armed conflict has nothing to do with any requirement to maintain equivalent levels of suffering. If it did, many still-celebrated allied military operations conducted during World War II would have been flagrantly unlawful.

Additional nuances need to be acknowledged. Most plainly, determinations of proportionality can never be rendered in an historical or geopolitical vacuum. Instead, such judgments must always consider the extent to which an identifiable adversary (especially a terrorist adversary, whose every action is already illegal by definition) has committed prior, or even ongoing violations, of the law of war....

Click here for the complete article. http://www.unitycoalitionforisrael.org/uci_2014/?p=12692

Germany: Silencing the Critics of Munich's Mega-Mosque
Soeren Kern

Gatestone Institute, October 28, 2014

A court in Bavaria, the largest state in Germany, has reaffirmed that it is lawful for the government to spy on citizens who are opposed to the construction of a controversial mega-mosque in Munich.

The ruling effectively quashes a lawsuit filed by anti-mosque activists who argue that state surveillance is an intimidation tactic aimed at silencing public opposition to the mosque.

The ruling comes just days after another court in Bavaria ordered a leading anti-mosque campaigner to pay a hefty fine for "defaming" Islam after he repeatedly warned that Islam is incompatible with democracy.

Meanwhile, Munich city officials have announced that a public referendum on the mosque—now known as the Munich Forum for Islam—will not be allowed to take place, even though anti-mosque activists have gathered twice the number of signatures needed to allow local citizens to determine if the mosque should be built....

Click here for the complete article. http://www.unitycoalitionforisrael.org/uci_2014/?p=12691

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