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We have engaged in the Battle for Truth for twenty-two years. To understand our mission in the Battle for Truth, please watch the brief video below of UCI featuring Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu and Esther Levens, Founder of the Unity Coalition for Israel.
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In 2013, UCI has had much activity and many accomplishments. We have addressed major issues in the turbulent Middle East and have kept our readers, the U.S. Congress and U.S. Media outlets apprised of all the momentous events through our Daily Newsletters, Media and Action Alerts, as well as Press Releases. In the coming years we will continue to Battle for Truth, for the United States, for the World, but most importantly: for the nation of Israel.


April 23, 2014

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U.S.-Israel Relations
Senator Bob Dole
Special to UCI
April 16, 2014

Years ago, a Soviet leader asked President Lyndon Johnson why the United States supported Israel so strongly when there were so many Arabs and so few Israelis.  The President replied, “Because it’s right.”

Our supporting Israel is indeed the right thing to do.  The United States was the first country to recognize Israel as a state.  In doing so, it also recognized that the Jewish people needed a homeland in their own holy land.  Over the decades, our country has invested billions of dollars to help Israel evolve from a fledgling sovereign entity into a strong and vibrant republic that is a model to many emerging and democratizing nations – and that should be a model to many more that choose not to respect the will of the people and the rule of law.  Financial aid from the U.S. government and U.S.-based Jewish organizations has helped transform a territory known primarily for its arid and desert land into a powerhouse economy on the vanguard of technological advances and other cutting-edge issues of the 21st century.       

Our country’s pro-Israel policies have been more than vindicated.  Even after the “Arab spring,” Israel remains the only democratic nation in the Middle East.  It is our closest ally in the region, and one of our closest in the world.  It is also the nexus through which the United States advances its national interests in the region – on every major political, economic, and military front.  My late friend and Senate colleague Jesse Helms (R-NC) used to refer to Israel as “America’s aircraft carrier in the Middle East” and believed – as do I – that our military foothold there alone justifies every dollar of U.S. aid to Israel.    

As with any friend and ally, there have been ups and downs in the United States’ relationship with Israel.  Yet close friends can speak honestly when one thinks the other is wrong.  When I was a Senate leader, there were times when, at the State Department’s urging, I questioned the magnitude of U.S. aid and the wisdom of Congressional calls to move the Israeli capital to Jerusalem, but my fundamental faith and support remained unaltered.

Today, some Democrats and Republicans in Congress think that President Obama has not been sufficiently supportive of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  There are elements of truth in this criticism, but every U.S. president has been genuine in his support for a strong Israel and peace in the Middle East.  I know that, at times, the “peace process” seems like it is nothing more than “process” and that major issues remain; at the same time, negotiations have narrowed the list of salient issues, and we are closer than before to a long-term resolution.

Kansas’ own Esther Levens and her late husband Vrem deserve great praise and credit for their leadership in supporting Israel and peace in the region, and I am proud of my association with them over the decades.  The Unity Coalition for Israel that Esther founded, as well as U.S. organizations like it, plays a key role in another critical way: fostering understanding by forming alliances between Jewish and Christian organizations and individual citizens.  Sadly, the murderous and tragic hate crimes committed in Overland Park on April 13 demonstrate that the need for such efforts has not diminished.  Our work to promote tolerance must continue.

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