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We say to the Obama Administration, "Stop pressuring Israel into a 'solution' which threatens its security and will not bring peace." We join with the US Congress to end the Presidential waiver on the 1995 Jerusalem Embassy Act and say, "Move the US Embassy to its rightful place in the eternal capital of Israel, Jerusalem!"

Israel’s Legal Right to the Land

Dr. Jacques P. Gauthier is a Canadian lawyer whose life's work has been devoted to a thesis proving the legitimacy of the Jewish claim to Jerusalem under international law. In his first ever presentation to a Christian audience, this thorough analysis of the Jewish people's legal claim to their capital was given at the ICEJ's Feast of Tabernacles celebration of 2010.


On April 25th, 1920 after WWI, the Supreme Council of Allied Powers met in San Remo, Italy to decide the future boundaries of the Middle East. Although none of the overall boundaries have been altered since then, many false arguments have arisen in opposition to these firmly established precedents.

The 1920 decision of the Supreme Council of the Principal Allied Powers, Britain, France, Japan, Italy (with the US not present but in full agreement) is legally binding to this day.

Especially in light of the ongoing efforts to secure statehood by Fatah leadership, the 1920 San Remo Conference must be fully taken into account. The Palestinian Authority's end-run action at the UN was designed to avoid legal negotiations with the already sovereign State of Israel. San Remo-based International law stands firmly on the side of Israel and against any Palestinian Authority or UN declarations.

Israel's Legal Right To Judea, Samaria and All of Jerusalem
Based on International Law.

Component Parts of International Law:
1. Balfour Declaration
2. Paris Peace Accords
3. San Remo Resolution
4. League of Nations Covenant
5. British Mandate for Palestine

The Legal Case for Israel by Professor Eugene Kontorovich


Important Resources:

PDF of the actual minutes of the San Remo Peace Conference in Italy, April 24-25, 1920.

Eli E. Hertz has produced this overview, This Land is My Land (PDF).

Professor Howard Grief explains how UN Resolution 242 breaks international law laid down at San Remo, Italy. Click to download (PDF).

A May 14, 1920, newspaper reflecting the jubilance of Jews over the decision at San Remo.

Please visit the European Coalition for Israel website and share this link with your friends -

Long-time friend of UCI and Middle East Correspondent for CBN, Chris Mitchell, produced this video at the 90 year anniversary of the San Remo, Italy event.

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Force 2025 and Beyond: How the Army Is Preparing for Its Future

Army Rangers of 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, prepare to enter an MH-47 helicopter to execute fast rope training at Hunter Army Airfield, Ga. June 2, 2014.
(US Army photo by SPC Coty Kuhn)

The velocity of instability continues to increase worldwide: ISIL and terrorism in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen; anarchy and extremism in North Africa; Russian annexation of Crimea and the use of unconventional land forces in Ukraine; provocation by North Korea; and various emergencies requiring complex humanitarian assistance and disaster relief efforts. Global instability, coupled with the reduction in military capabilities of many of our allies, has emboldened potential adversaries and magnified the risk to U.S. interests around the world. It is therefore imperative, now more than ever, to field a ready and modern Army that is innovative and adaptive and that remains the bedrock of the Joint Force.

The Army is meeting this challenge — to change itself and improve land power capabilities — through a strategy called Force 2025 and Beyond. It is our method to prepare the Army for the complexities of the global security environment, both now and in the future. Over the past year, the Army has refined this strategy and its underpinnings; here’s how they all fit together.

In May, the Army released its updated Army Vision, Strategic Advantage in a Complex World, to be the intellectual foundation for its efforts to prevent conflict, shape security environments, and win wars. That followed the October release of the new Army Operating Concept, Win in a Complex World, which discusses how warfighting capabilities combine to fulfill larger missions — that is, how future Army forces, as part of joint, interorganizational, and multinational efforts, will operate to accomplish campaign objectives and protect U.S. national interests. Force 2025 and Beyond, in turn, shapes the comprehensive effort necessary to achieve the capabilities envisioned in the Army Operating Concept….

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Boko Haram Slits the Throats of Sixteen Christian Fishermen

Patrick Fort/AFP/Getty Images

The massacre took place last Monday, but the news was released only yesterday because the area of Lake Chad is devoid of any type of telephone; survivors had to reach Maiduguri, the capital of Borno state, to raise the alarm.

Earlier reports stated that ten men were killed, but the number has since been adjusted upward. According to Abubakar Gamandi, head of the fishermen’s union in Borno State, on Monday around 4 pm “Boko Haram attacked three villages on the shores of Lake Chad where they slaughtered 10 people, all of them fishermen.”

“Boko Haram decided not to use guns so as not to attract the attention of soldiers from Baga. This is why they used knives to slaughter their victims,” Gamandi said.

The victims are all citizens of Chad, where in recent months there have been numerous attacks by Islamist radicals.

Bishop Rosario Pio Ramolo, of the diocese of Goré in the south of Chad, said that in the last few months “attacks have multiplied in Chad, causing more than seventy deaths and two hundred wounded.” The violence has occurred mainly in the capital N’Djamena and in the areas bordering Nigeria….

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Israel readies Iron Dome on Lebanon border as Hezbollah anticipates arms from Iran

Iron Dome missile defense batteries are being redeployed to the north in Israel, according to Col. Yoni Saada Marom, commander of Israel’s Active Defense Air Wing. (

HAIFA, Israel –  One year after Israel’s vaunted Iron Dome defense system helped protect citizens from a rocket barrage launched from Gaza, the Jewish State has deployed the shield to the north, likely amid fears Lebanon-based Hezbollah could get an infusion of cash and weapons from Iran.

In an exclusive interview with, Col. Yoni Saada Marom, commander of Israel’s Active Defense Air Wing, said that the military drills were not a direct reaction to recent events, but made clear that Hezbollah and other terror organizations close to Israel's borders presented a potentially heightened threat.

“We saw that during Operation Protective Edge [2014 Gaza War] the Iron Dome faced one kind of challenge in the south,” he said. “Now, we are dealing with the challenges and scenarios that we think the enemies from the north will bring. One of the scenarios could be that, like Hamas, they will try and challenge us with a variety of threats simultaneously — which is a great challenge — but we are developing our concepts of operation.”…

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The flow of jihadists into Syria dries up as Turkey cracks down on the border

…The new agreement between the United States and Turkey would allow airstrikes on Islamic State targets from Turkey, which shares a 500-mile-long border with Syria, the jihadists’ home base. The deal also envisions the creation of a buffer zone just inside Syrian territory, with the expulsion of jihadists from their border strongholds. The “safe” area would host fighters from Syria’s more moderate opposition.

If implemented, the plan would enlist Turkey, which has the second-biggest military force in NATO, in the battle to weaken the jihadists’ caliphate. It was announced as Turkish security forces were also rounding up alleged sympathizers of the Islamic State in the country.

Turkey’s new role will “change the game in Syria, Iraq, and the region,” Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu told journalists in Istanbul on July 25, after his country’s air force hit Islamic State positions in Syria for the first time. Islamic State militants control wide swaths of territory in Iraq and Syria.

“There is no place [for the Islamic State] on Turkey’s borders,” Davutoglu said. “This is not the Turkey of just one week ago.”…

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Egypt: Iran's Next Sunni Rival

After an initially cautious response to the Iran nuclear deal, Egypt upped the ante against Tehran last week, with both the Foreign Ministry and the Al-Azhar religious seminary condemning the Islamic Republic’s “interference” in Arab affairs. Cairo has been more circumspect than Israel and the Gulf states in condemning the agreement, but its quiet should not be mistaken for acquiescence—like them, it dreads the effect of a cash-flush and potentially nuclear-armed Iran on its interests and security.

Egypt is, with Saudi Arabia and the Gulf monarchies, a pillar of the Sunni Arab bloc opposed to the spread of Iranian influence in the region. Since Cairo’s July 2013 coup against the Islamist president Mohamed Morsi, it has received tens of billions of dollars in Gulf aid—chiefly from the Saudis and United Arab Emirates, both of which share maritime borders with Iran and are directly threatened by its destabilizing regional behavior. With Egypt’s traditionally close ties with Washington at a nadir, Cairo is keen to avoid alienating its foremost regional allies and benefactors.

Egypt’s anxiety over the deal, however, extends beyond the sensitivities of its allies. Since 1979—the year of Iran’s Islamic revolution and Cairo’s peace deal with Israel—bilateral relations have been in a deep freeze. The last Shah of Iran was a close friend of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, his first wife was Egyptian and when the revolution ousted him from Tehran he spent the last months of his life in Cairo, where he remains buried to this day….

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Egyptian army says 88 terrorists killed in North Sinai in 12 days

An Egyptian military vehicle is seen on the highway in northern Sinai, Egypt. (File Photo: Reuters)

The Egyptian army has killed 88 militants in North Sinai between 20 and 31 July, the army's spokesman said in a statement Sunday.

In a Facebook statement, Egypt’s army spokesperson, Brigadier General Mohamed Samir, stated that the army had detained 58 suspects during the last 12 days, two of whom were already wanted by authorities.

The report also stated that nine terrorist headquarters were destroyed, in addition to two terrorist storage units that contained bomb-making material.

Army forces were also able to dismantle 47 bombs that were prepared to attack army personnel….

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If this is not insanity, what is?

It will be a herculean task to convince enough House and Senate Congressmen and women to vote in enough numbers to defeat Obama's noxious Iran deal and overcome his threatened veto.

This catastrophic sell out, if it proceeds, will provide the Iranian mullahs with an eventual nuclear arsenal and an immediate $150 billion dollars which will not go to build Iranian hospitals or schools.

Instead it will enrich Iran's terror proxies, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Houthis and other Islamic terrorist movements, which in turn will condemn untold numbers of Jews, Christians, as well as Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and many others to death and destruction.

This vast sum given to the Iranian terror state will release the very imps of Hell upon the world.

Much of the so-called “agreement” that President Obama has signed with the Islamic Republic of Iran, is not even written in legally binding language. Iran is merely called upon to abide by the agreement which, from years of dreary past experience, they clearly will not…

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Op-Ed: Heading Towards an EMP Catastrophe

Washington Dysfunction

The Congressional EMP Commission recommended a plan to protect the national electric grid from nuclear EMP attack, that would also mitigate all lesser threats–including natural EMP, RFWs [Radio-Frequency Weapons], cyber bugs and hacking, physical sabotage, and severe weather–for about $2 billion, which is what the U.S. gives away every year in foreign aid to Pakistan.  About $10-20 billion would protect all the critical infrastructures from nuclear EMP attack and other threats.

There are other plans that cost much less, and much more, because there are different technologies and strategies for protecting against EMP, and to different levels of risk.  Any or all of these plans are commendable.  There is no such thing as being over-prepared for an existential threat.

Unfortunately, none of these plans has been implemented.  The U.S. electric grid and other civilian critical infrastructures remain utterly vulnerable to EMP because of lobbying by the electric utilities in Congress, the federal bureaucracy, and the White House.

The White House has not helped matters by issuing a draft executive order for protecting the national grid from natural EMP–but that trusts NERC (North American Electric Reliability Corporation) and the electric utilities to set the standards…..

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Senior Western official: Links between Turkey and the Islamic State are now 'undeniable'

An Islamic State fighter walks near a black flag belonging to the Islamic State as a Turkish army vehicle takes position near the Syrian town of Kobani, as pictured from the Turkish-Syrian border near Suruc.

Turkish President Erdogan clearly hopes that the Islamic State will take care of his enemies — the Kurds and Assad — and then the Turks can march in and reap the benefits.

“Senior Western official: Links between Turkey and ISIS are now ‘undeniable,'”by Natasha Bertrand, Business Insider, July 28, 2015 (thanks to John):

“A US-led raid on the compound housing the Islamic State’s “chief financial officer” produced evidence that Turkish officials directly dealt with ranking ISIS members, Martin Chulov of the Guardian reported recently.The officer killed in the raid, Islamic State official Abu Sayyaf, was responsible for directing the terror army’s oil and gas operations in Syria. The Islamic State (aka ISIS, ISIL, or Daesh) earns up to $10 million a month selling oil on black markets….

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