America is facing its greatest challenge ever. We have seen a president negotiate a far reaching `deal` with Iran, a designated State Sponsor of Terrorism, that will enable it to become a nuclear armed nation. This is reminiscent of negotiations in 1938 that resulted in the Munich Accord and paved the way for WW II. We have seen a President by-pass the Congress and proceed to the U.N. for approval of the `deal` and then threatening that he will veto any vote of dis-approval.

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MAKS: Is Russia developing an F-35-hunting UAV?

…Mikheev says the UAV has been designed to detect stealth aircraft in the same vein as China’s ambitious “Divine Eagle” project, which he claims is based on technology “borrowed” from Russia and the USA.

Such aircraft aim to detect low-observable US combat aircraft using X-band and UHF radars, specifically the Lockheed Martin F-22 and F-35 and Northrop Grumman B-2. But airborne surveillance is just one of the UAV’s capabilities.


Mikheev says KRET is providing a deeply-integrated electronic warfare system that not only provides a protective electromagnetic sphere around the aircraft to counter air-to-air missiles, but also cloaks it from radars.

The unmanned aircraft closely resembles Northrop’s carrier-based X-47B demonstrator, but adds two lift fans on each wing and vertical stabilisers.

Mikheev says the UAV’s avionics, radar and electronic warfare systems are derived from those being produced for the Sukhoi Su-35 multirole fighter and the Kamov Ka-50 attack helicopter. KRET is also deeply involved in the Sukhoi T-50/PAK FA fighter project….

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Report finds BDS, pro-Israel activity increasing on U.S. campuses

NEW YORK (JTA) — Pro- and anti-Israel activity at U.S. universities increased in the 2014-15 academic year, with groups that support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel springing up on more campuses and employing new strategies.

Nonetheless, there were more than twice as many pro-Israel events as anti-Israel ones on campus, according to the Israel on Campus Coalition’s “Campus Trends Report” released last week.

The report found that the number of U.S. campuses with anti-Israel activity jumped by 31.2 percent from the previous academic year, with two groups that promote BDS — Students for Justice in Palestine, or SJP, and Jewish Voice for Peace, or JVP — both increasing their presence. SJP is now on 150 campuses and JVP on 14 campuses, according to the Washington, D.C.-based group….

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As tragedies shock Europe, a bigger refugee crisis looms in the Middle East

Children play amid garbage at an informal Syrian refugee settlement near Zahle, Lebanon.
(Sam Tarling/For The Washington Post)

AL-MINYA, Lebanon — While the world’s attention is fixed on the tens of thousands of Syrian refugees swarming into Europe, a potentially far more profound crisis is unfolding in the countries of the Middle East that have borne the brunt of the world’s failure to resolve the Syrian war.

Those reaching Europe represent a small percentage of the 4 million Syrians who have fled into Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and Iraq, making Syria the biggest single source of refugees in the world and the worst humanitarian emergency in more than four decades.

As the fighting grinds into a fifth year, the realization is dawning on aid agencies, the countries hosting the refugees and the Syrians themselves that most won’t be going home anytime soon, presenting the international community with a long-term crisis that it is ill-equipped to address and that could prove deeply destabilizing, for the region and the wider world….

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Europe's NGO Jihad Against Israel

  • Beneath a vexing tangle of funding operations — most hiding under a pretense of “good works,” “humanitarian aid,” and “public interest” — there is at work a sophisticated, multi-faceted, well-oiled propaganda machine against Israel.
  • A chief concern in the Knesset is how to curb the influx of millions of foreign dollars used to fund anti-Israel hate-groups operating as NGOs. These organizations are accused of using their “human rights” designation to mask a deceptive advocacy agenda to undermine, and even to destroy, Israel.
  • When Israel works to build “bridges for peace,” such as SodaStream, where Arabs and Jews worked peacefully together, these organizations then knock them down.
  • Apparently, no one at World Vision asks the obvious question: Why are there even refugee camps in territories controlled by the Palestinian Authority (PA) and Hamas, such as Gaza, Jenin and Ramallah? Not only have those areas been under exclusive PA or Hamas civilian administration since 1994, but Israel totally evacuated the Gaza Strip in 2005….
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Islamic State has Damascus in its crosshairs

The Economist Intelligence Unit listed Damascus, the capital of Syria, in last place among the 140 cities surveyed in its Global Liveability Ranking for 2015, which was released this week. First place went to Melbourne, Australia.

The study surveyed, among other things, the security of the cities’ inhabitants and how it affected their lives. One can hardly argue with the finding about Syria’s capital: About 110 inhabitants of Douma, a Damascus suburb about 15 kilometers from the city center, were killed just this week.

At 2 p.m. on Sunday, the Syrian Air Force bombed the city’s central marketplace, killing and wounding hundreds. Eyewitnesses said piles of corpses were strewn among the fruit and vegetables.

The next morning, after an explicit United Nations condemnation of the Syrian attack, President Bashar Assad proved how much he believed in the famously dismissive Israeli expression about the UN, “Oom, shmoom” (“Oom” being the acronym in Hebrew for the UN), by dispatching his aircraft back to Douma for another bombing sortie….

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Syrian Rebels Say Cease-Fire With Hezbollah Collapses

A cease-fire between a coalition of Syrian rebels and Hezbollah fighters in a Syrian border town and two northern Shiite villages collapsed Saturday for the second time this month amid rare Iranian-mediated talks.

The Islamic Army, or Jaysh Fatah group, said on its social media accounts that its fighters have resumed targeting locations of Hezbollah fighters near Foua, a Shiite village in the mostly-rebel control Idlib province, posting a video of the shelling.

Hezbollah al-Manar TV also reported that the cease-fire declared Thursday had collapsed, reporting shelling in both Foua and Kfarya.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and the Local Coordination Committees of Syria, both groups with an extensive network of activists on the ground, said fighting also resumed in the town of Zaabadani near the Lebanese border. The Observatory said government warplanes bombed areas with barrel bombs….

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Iran's fingerprints are everywhere

August may be the hottest month of the year, but hovering above Israel's violent borders and streets one can see the thick, dark clouds that are associated with winter.

Israel's enemies, however sophisticated, lack a comprehensive mechanism to coordinate their attacks against us. The Palestinian Islamic Jihad has warned Israel it will fire from the Gaza Strip, and this has led the Israel Defense Forces to deploy Iron Dome batteries in the south. Was this threat related to the failing health of detainee Mohammad Allan on his hunger strike? Was Thursday's salvo on northern Israel by Islamic Jihad elements in Syria a consequence of that threat? I believe there is no direct link.

That said, Iran's fingerprints are everywhere, including in the north. The rockets fired on Thursday were launched from an area ostensibly held by Syrian President Bashar Assad, not the anti-regime insurgents. But Iran has been operating freely in that area.

Thursday's rocket attack was deliberate. Iran may have seized on Allan's health to time this attack, but it was motivated by other reasons. It wanted to retaliate for the recent killing of a Druze squad that had attempted to establish a terrorist foothold in the Golan Heights and to the repeated airstrikes on Hezbollah-bound shipments of advanced weaponry (widely attributed to Israel); the attack was also designed to bolster the Iranian regime's aggressive posture in the face of increased criticism at home by those who believe the nuclear agreement was a mistake. Iran may have also tried to deal a blow to Israel's tourism industry just before the summer's peak season draws to a close….

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The invasion of Europe and America

Europe is on the verge of descending into utter chaos. Reuters reported that “thousands of migrants stormed across Macedonia’s border on Saturday, overwhelming security forces who threw stun grenades and lashed out with batons before apparently abandoning a bid to stem their flow through the Balkans to western Europe.”

These thousands of Muslim “refugees,” most of them from the jihad hotspots of Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq, have been pouring into Greece and the Balkans in huge numbers for some time now. But they do not, of course, want to stay in Greece, Macedonia and Serbia. They want to reach the European Union: primarily Germany, France and Britain.

More of these “refugees” arrive every day. Media reports of this Muslim invasion focus on the crying women and children, who seem to have been deliberately brought to the front of the crowd. Clearly the vast majority of these “migrants” are men, and in any case, under normal circumstances, wouldn’t you take the women, and especially the children, to the side so that they wouldn’t get hurt in clashes with police? Instead, they are used as human shields.

How very like Hamas. Just as the “Palestinian” terrorists launch attacks from civilian areas to try to provoke civilian casualties they can use to manipulate world opinion, so now the international media obscures the reality of this flood of “refugees” into Europe in an attempt to blunt legitimate concern over it….

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America's Dangerous Bargain With Turkey

WASHINGTON — AFTER a year of intense diplomatic negotiations, the Turkish government is now permitting the United States to use Turkey’s Incirlik Air Base, which will allow American aircraft to fly missions in Syria and Iraq with greater operational effectiveness and economic efficiency.

The price of this agreement, however, may well be too high in the long run, both for the success of America’s anti-Islamic State campaign and for the stability of Turkey.

That’s because the Turkish government’s recent change of heart and its sudden willingness to allow American access to the Incirlik base was driven by domestic political considerations, rather than a fundamental rethinking of its Syria strategy.

Shortly after granting access to the base, Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, launched a wave of airstrikes on Kurdish targets, reigniting a conflict that had been on the road to resolution. To make matters worse, Turkey has struck hard at Syrian Kurds who have, until now, been America’s most reliable ally in fighting the Islamic State, often called ISIS, in northern Syria….

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