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Editor's Note: Friday August 22, 2014
ARCHAEOLOGY: David's Israel made room for God
3,000-year-old artifacts dating back to King David's reign were recently uncovered in the Valley of Elah. Objects confirm obscure biblical terminology describing Solomon's and Ezekiel's temple.
YouTube video - 03:48 (May 25, 2012)

JERUSALEM ONLINE-Your Link to IsraelWatch Jerusalem on Line
Robert Spencer on the BEHEADING of James Foley
He was kidnapped in 2012. Islamic law allows for killing a hostage as one of four options...
YouTube video - 07:04 (Aug 20, 2014)

NEW MILITANT GROUP in Cairo Threatens to Carry Out Terror Attacks
YouTube video - 01:35 (Aug 17, 2014)

PA LEADER: "Am I stopping you from slaughtering a settlement?"
Deputy Secretary of the Fatah Central Committee Jibril Rajoub:‎ ‎ “I’m telling everyone: Fatah has ‎decided that our relations with the Israelis are relations between enemies....
YouTube video - 01:06 (Aug 21, 2014)

'LONG LIVE THE INTIFADA': Pro-Palestinian Protesters Take Over Two Iconic NYC Bridges
YouTube video - 01:03 (Aug 20, 2014)
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Contents: (summaries below)
  1. Why Israel is losing the information war, carolineglick.com, Caroline Glick
  2. Obama deserts an ally in wartime, nypost.com, Post Editorial Board
  3. 'Israel, US secretly agreed on gradual easing of Gaza blockade', Times of Israel, Times of Israel staff
  4. The end of a dream, israelhayom.com, Dr. Haim Shine
  5. Why Does President Obama Condemn ISIS But Ask Israel to Accept Hamas in Unity Government?, algemeiner.com, Alan Dershowitz
  6. The Gaza War: Appearance vs. Reality, Gatestone Institute, Louis Ren Beres
  7. Islamic State Must Pay Price for Beheading U.S. Journalist, clarionproject.org, Ryan Mauro
  8. Who Will Stand Up for the Christians?, nytimes.com, Ronald S. Lauder

Why Israel is losing the information war
Caroline Glick

carolineglick.com, August 20, 2014

Pictured left: Prosor at UN discussing Hamas war crimes

For most Israelis, the international discourse on Gaza is unintelligible.

Here we were going along, minding our own business.

Then on a clear night in June, apropos of nothing, Palestinian terrorists stole, murdered and hid the bodies of three of our children as they made their way home from school.

Before we could catch our breath from that atrocity, they began shelling our major population centers with thousands of rockets, missiles and mortars, and infiltrated our communities along the border with Gaza through underground tunnels to kidnap and murder us.

And as the Palestinians did all of these things, they used their civilian population and the foreign press corps as human sandbags. They ordered their own people not to evacuate their homes from which Hamas, Fatah and Islamic Jihad terrorists launched their missiles, rockets and mortars at Israel. And they launched missiles at Israeli cities from outside the hotel where the foreign reporters were staying.

It doesn’t take a PhD to understand what the game is. And Israelis – even many with PhDs – understand what is happening.

This is why so many Israelis are up in arms about our government’s failure to impact the wall of lies that comprises the discourse on Israel in the Western world....

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Obama deserts an ally in wartime
Post Editorial Board

nypost.com, August 17, 2014

Obama deserts an ally in wartime 
(Photo: Getty Images)

What kind of ally refuses to send you desperately needed weapons when you’re smack in the middle of a war?

Apparently, that’s what the Obama folks did with Israel, which is caught up fighting with Hamas. It’s unforgivable.

The decision came, it seems, after White House officials learned that, unbeknownst to them, Israel had gotten mortar shells and grenade-illuminating rounds from the Pentagon to use against Hamas, as The Wall Street Journal reported last week.

Officials say they were “blindsided” by the transfer. But it turns out that it was done as a matter of routine: No OK by the president or secretary of state was needed....

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'Israel, US secretly agreed on gradual easing of Gaza blockade'
Times of Israel staff

Times of Israel, August 19, 2014

Israel and the US have already coordinated and agreed on the details of a future agreement for a long-term ceasefire with Hamas, and a gradual lifting of the blockade on the Gaza Strip, Ynet reported early Tuesday.

US Secretary of State John Kerry is reportedly expected in Israel next week to support the Israeli government headed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the report indicated, citing diplomatic sources.

The sources told Ynet that the agreement between Israel and the US on the terms of a deal with Hamas was reached secretly and entails Israel opening the land crossings into Gaza, followed by sea access, not objecting to the payment of salaries to Hamas men in Gaza, and facilitating the reconstruction of Gaza with international aid....

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The end of a dream
Dr. Haim Shine

israelhayom.com, August 21, 2014

The Israeli Left was never so thin and helpless as it was at its peace rally in Rabin Square last Saturday night. A few thousand of the once-400,000-strong peace camp remain. The citizens of Israel have fled in droves from the version of peace presented by journalist Uri Avneri, writers David Grossman and Amos Oz, and former President Shimon Peres. A giant sign held by Israelis who did not show up at the square read "End the Naivete." Most already understood the message Hamas was sending with its rockets.

The rockets once again being fired at our cities from Gaza have proved that the struggle between us and the Palestinians is not about the settlements in Judea and Samaria. The leftist traders in delusions are selling us the 1967 borders as a messianic solution to the bloody conflict. The Palestinian narrative has determined that all of Israel is an illegal settlement that must be eliminated by force. After many years, rocket fragments and the sound of sirens have made residents of metropolitan Tel Aviv realize that the enemy's sights are trained on them more than on Ariel, Emmanuel, or Beit El....

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Why Does President Obama Condemn ISIS But Ask Israel to Accept Hamas in Unity Government?
Alan Dershowitz

algemeiner.com, August 20, 2014

Masked demonstrators rally in the Hague to support ISIS, but call for the death of Jews. (Photo: SWC)

President Barack Obama has rightfully condemned the ISIS beheading of American James Foley in the strongest terms.  This is what he said:

“There has to be a common effort to extract this cancer so it does not spread. There has to be a clear rejection of these kinds of nihilistic ideologies. One thing we can all agree on is a group like ISIS has no place in the 21st century. Friends and allies around the world, we share a common security, a set of values opposite of what we saw yesterday. We will continue to confront this hateful terrorism and replace it with a sense of hope and stability.”

At the same time that President Obama has called for an all-out war against the “cancer” of ISIS, he has regarded Hamas as having an easily curable disease, urging Israel to accept that terrorist group, whose charter calls for Israel’s destruction, as part of a Palestinian unity government. I cannot imagine him urging Iraq, or any other Arab country, to accept ISIS as part of a unity government....

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The Gaza War: Appearance vs. Reality
Louis Ren Beres

Gatestone Institute, August 19, 2014

Now that the dust has begun to settle in Gaza after Israel's Operation Protective Edge, it is again easy to feel sorry for the beleaguered Palestinians. As everyone knows who looks at The New York Times and CNN, the lingering images are incontestably painful, and continue to look "asymmetrical" and "disproportionate."

How could Hamas have been the aggressor when so many more Arabs than Israelis were killed? Surely the side with greater civilian losses must always be in the right. How could it be otherwise?

The people of Gaza (together with those many Israelis still forced to live under terrorist rocket attacks) are indeed victims of regional violence. But their victimization was not caused by any outside enemy. On the contrary, Palestinian suffering remains the direct result of a criminal Hamas leadership. Why is Hamas putting its weapons in the middle of homes, schools, hospitals and mosques in the first place?

Moreover, this Palestinian leadership sits safely away from Gaza, either tucked away in Qatar or the comfortable parts of Europe. "Martyrdom" is always welcomed, as long as it is someone else's....

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Islamic State Must Pay Price for Beheading U.S. Journalist
Ryan Mauro

clarionproject.org, August 20, 2014

From the Islamic State's video of American journalist James Foley's beheading

The Islamic State has beheaded American journalist James Foley and is promising to do the same to missing American reporter Steven Sotloff if the U.S. does not end its air strikes against the jihadist group in Iraq. Islamic State supporters are ecstatic on Twitter.

The U.S. must respond immediately to deliver the Islamic State a blow that is impossible to dismiss.

It was a bad week for the Islamic State. U.S.-backed Kurdish forces, including female fighters, are battling the Islamic State and recently succeeded in taking back the strategic Mosul dam. American airstrikes are giving Iraqis hope that the success of the Islamic State has peaked....

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Who Will Stand Up for the Christians?
Ronald S. Lauder

nytimes.com, August 19, 2014

...The general indifference to ISIS, with its mass executions of Christians and its deadly preoccupation with Israel, isn’t just wrong; it’s obscene.

In a speech before thousands of Christians in Budapest in June, I made a solemn promise that just as I will not be silent in the face of the growing threat of anti-Semitism in Europe and in the Middle East, I will not be indifferent to Christian suffering. Historically, it has almost always been the other way around: Jews have all too often been the persecuted minority. But Israel has been among the first countries to aid Christians in South Sudan. Christians can openly practice their religion in Israel, unlike in much of the Middle East.

This bond between Jews and Christians makes complete sense. We share much more than most religions. We read the same Bible, and share a moral and ethical core. Now, sadly, we share a kind of suffering: Christians are dying because of their beliefs, because they are defenseless and because the world is indifferent to their suffering.

Good people must join together and stop this revolting wave of violence. It’s not as if we are powerless. I write this as a citizen of the strongest military power on earth. I write this as a Jewish leader who cares about my Christian brothers and sisters.

The Jewish people understand all too well what can happen when the world is silent. This campaign of death must be stopped.

Ronald S. Lauder is the president of the World Jewish Congress.

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