Esther Levens interview by Jackie May

Published on Jan 16, 2017 via the UCI Youtube channel –

Original Video – Esther Interview with Jackie May 2008

01:00 – Short introduction to the Unity Coalition for Israel as well as how Esther started UCI.

04:00 – Obsession the Movie being distributed by UCI at the time. Still an important revelation for most who have not studied Islamic Radical Terrorism.
06:00 – Carolyn Glick, especially, gives clear definitions and understanding
06:44 – Nonie Darwish
06:57 – Walid Shoebat
07:15 – Obsession captures such a wide breadth of understanding around the issue.
08:03 – Holocaust Denial – Jackie May’s father helped liberate Dachau.
09:05 – Can we hope for terrorists to ever fully reform? Esther answers with stories of terrorists who have reformed.
10:19 – What is Shariah Law? Frank Gaffney said, “The only time in history that the United States has been on both sides of a war.” The Islamic schools and terrorist groups funded by Saudi Arabia are at the center of the actual threat-base of radical Islamic terror.
12:35 – Does America have concern for more terrorist attack? See Jihad in America by Steven Emerson.
15:00 – What is the state of unity between Jews and Christians today? Amazing how devoted and dedicated the Christians are to both Israel and Jews worldwide.

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